How to Find a Good Writer for Your Business Marketing Materials

Choosing a Writer for Your Business Needs

You might be a master at running your successful business, but what happens if you’re ready to grow that business and realize you have no patience for writing the content for your business’s marketing materials? Your administrative assistant might be sharp as a tack, but you have her busy on other projects. Hiring someone else isn’t the solution either; you only need someone to put together interesting content for your brochures and other marketing materials.

It’s then you realize a freelance writer is just what you need. Now, the only question is where you’ll find this writer. It’s not as difficult as you might think and once you’ve found that «right voice», you can easily hire him or her for future writing projects when needed. Freelance writers rely on these «as needed» clients and you might be surprised to learn the good writers have relationships with their clients that might include contact for a new project once every few months or in some cases, every couple of years.


Step 1

Ask around

Speak with any business associates about referring someone who has provided solid work for them in the past. Also, an internet search for «business writers» or «freelance writers» will return an overwhelming number of possibilities.

Step 2

Explore your options

You will have many options, including working through an outsourcing company or choosing a writer via his website. Many business owners prefer a one-on-one arrangement with an independent writer.

Step 3

Do your research

If you opt to find an independent writer via his or her personal website, pay close attention to the accuracy of the writing skills. If inaccuracies exist such as improper sentence structure and misspelled words, keep looking.

Step 4

Make contact

Schedule an interview via email or telephone. You’ll want to ask the basics: how long he or she has been a freelance writer, is he or she published in a print medium and you may ask where they are located. Ask for writing samples and references if those are not included on the writer’s website.

Step 5

Provide specifics to your writer

Be sure to outline exactly what you need. Also, you may want to ensure the writer is willing to sign a non-disclosure clause and contract stating you become the sole owner once the conditions have been met.

Step 6

Proof the first draft

After you receive the first draft, request any changes or revisions to be made.

Step 7

Conclude the assignment

After the writing assignment is completed to your satisfaction, make arrangements to pay your writer. Most will provide invoices.

Things Needed
• Computer with internet access
• Email account where your writer can contact you
• An online payment method such as PayPal
• A contract that states you become the owner of all work produced by your writer and/or a non-disclosure form if you’re concerned about confidentiality (Optional)
• Skype or other video teleconferencing communication method (Optional)

Tips & Warnings
• You should never pay a writer upfront in full; some writers prefer a partial payment and this is not unusual. Ultimately, the choice is yours.
• You may wish to ask the writer his or her availability during the project. This is important if you have a short deadline.
• A non disclosure agreement and contract are level-1 for writers; if it makes you feel more comfortable, an ethical writer will have no problem signing these documents.
• Be detailed in what you expect the final project to look like. Recognize a couple of revisions are common and aren’t indicative of a less than quality writer.


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