Making Business Cards Earn Money for You

Making Business Cards Earn Money for You

In terms of expanding business and improving sales, one marketing tool you should never go without is the business cards. Compared to other forms of marketing tools, these cards are considerably inexpensive to produce. They can be created in any way you like and can contain any information you desire as long as the basic details are there. Because these benefits, they are still a sought after tool in the business world despite the increasing popularity of modern promotion and networking.

If you have been using business cards, for a long time now, that’s great, but if you have been keeping them under your table that’s not good news. Leaving your cards to gather dust on a corner is not good practice and would only defeat their very purpose. Keep in mind that your cards are like miniature billboards. Billboards are designed to get seen, so you have to get your cards in front of people to let them know that you exist. Get them into the hands of your prospects and let them bring you sales and profits. Here are some ways to make best use of the benefits of your cards.

1. Have them ready anytime, anywhere. Put them in your wallet, briefcase, and even your car. Leave also some on your desk, at the reception area of your office, or public bulletin boards. You need to have your cards with you all the time so whenever you meet a prospect, you can readily give them your card. Keep in mind though that you don’t have to push your card to a prospect. At best, give your card before you conclude your conversation. Of course, you have to build rapport first with your prospect, and ask for the person’s card. This way they ask for yours in return.

2. When leaving your cards in public places such as libraries, restaurants, schools and supermarket, leave them conscientiously. Ask permission from the owner to leave your card so they won’t throw your card away.

3. Consider including your card in your mails. There is no reason for you not to include your card in your mail, unless you are sending a personal letter such as a sympathy letter. Inserting your card in your mail allows you to reach a wider market. After all, you never know who may receive your letters and he or she can get interested in what you are offering.

4. Create a business card that is distinct and highly functional. As much as possible make the cards valuable. For instance, you can print your contact details in front (name, address, contact numbers, etc.) and print something your prospects can use at the back of your business card templates. It can be a calendar, a map to your location, measurement table or even a discount coupon. If you will be handing out your cards in a seminar, consider printing a list of the lecturers and their contact details at the back. Doing this will keep your card unique and give people a reason to hold on to your card.

5. Create updated and super stylish cards. Building good rapport with your prospects is important, so is creating a good and respectable impression with your cards. This can be done if you keep your cards current and designed effectively. Use the right colors, font, images, and logo.


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