Making your notepad designs look trendy using 5 tricks

Making your notepad designs look trendy using 5 tricks

Want your custom designs for notepad printing to look more trendy and attractive? It is very simple to do this with some popular design concepts that you can apply to your print notepads. In this guide, you will learn five very simple but trendy design techniques that you can use for notepad printing. Apply them all to your custom notepad designs and they should turn out looking trendier and better. So let us start going through each of them.

1. Less straight lines, more curves — One of the most basic design trends that make a custom notepad look more fashionable and trendy is the disappearance of straight lines and the use of more curves. Hard edged borders as well as straightened out headers and footers are typically the old style of color notepad design. More and more people nowadays prefer curvier elements, with intricate swirls and curves for borders, as well as softer and arcs and circles for design backgrounds.

These design tricks make a custom notepad look more dynamic, adaptable and basically in line with what most people are doing with their notepads today. So do not get left behind and start using more curves in your custom notepad design.

2. Brighter color hues — Another trendy technique in notepad design is the use of brighter colors. Gone are the days of subdued neutral colors for custom notepads. In today’s modern world, color is in, and color notepad printing requires brighter color hues than the drab and old colors of yesteryear. So instead of using dark blues, dark greens and dark grays, you should try out a lot more lighter elements. Brighter colors like pastel colors as well as neon colors should be perfect for your new trendy notepad designs. Just make sure that you keep to your identity when using these colors.

3. Using color gradients — Lots of trendy notepad designs also use more color gradients in their designs. So it is not just about picking the right colors, it is also about using them effectively for a more seamless and professional design. Color gradients achieve this by combining different colors seamlessly, adding a more polished and natural look to a notepad’s background or banner image. So you should really try to integrate color gradients as well in your custom notepad designs.

4. Added textures and details — You should also know that adding textures and other minute design details are a key factor in making a custom notepad look trendy. Using plain and "clean" design layouts don’t work well anymore in any kind of printed design today. Adding little textures, detailed and faded elements can come a long way to add that personality and originality to your custom notepad designs. So try to think of a proper texture or design detail to insert in your notepad background or border. Little swirls, satin textures and even dotted or striped elements can make a custom notepad design look quite original and trendy.

5. Gloss paper finish — Finally, as a finishing move to make your custom notepads look more trendy, you should always try out that gloss paper finish. A good custom notepad design will not shine well today without a glossy paper finish. Glossy paper adds that gleam or shine in a design that makes it look fresh, new and even expensive. So invest in glossy notepad printing when possible. It should give your designs that extra trendy feel that should make them more attractive.

So those are the five simple tricks that should make your notepad printing look trendy. Try to see if you can apply them to your custom notepads.


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