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Top popular web-based customer relationship management programs for sales management

Often we get questions from our readers asking for advice on choosing a customer relationship management system. Particularly often, there's high interest in programs for retaining the customer base and for tracking communications. Thus, we will talk about products. What's the best CRM for a... More

How to manage business letter paragraph length

The importance of keeping it short Modern business is all about go, go, go. Every time there is an economic downturn, heads are cut. When things get better, those heads are not always replaced. That means we all end up becoming increasing more time constrained. Communication is sent through a... More

How to get your name off telemarketing call lists

Tips for removing your telephone number from telemarketer call lists Are you one of the many people that receives calls from telemarketers at dinner time or when you are watching your favorite TV show? If so, you probably want to know how to put a stop to this so that you can enjoy peace and... More

How to be a responsible project manager

Traits of a responsible project manager The project manager is like a mini-CEO of a project. He (she) determines the way the project will be planned and carried out, the amount of funds that will be allocated for each phase of the project, the manpower and resources that may be required and the... More

How to ensure successful implementation of a project

Project implementation Project implementation is the fifth phase in the Project Life Cycle. It brings about the conversion of strategies to deliveries. It is headed and controlled by the project manager, who ensures that the project is carried out successfully to the satisfaction of... More

How to write a strategic communication plan

Strategic Communication Plan (SCP) A strategic communication plan is a detailed step by step guide or process of distribution and implementation of various reports to stakeholders. It describes how the project information will be retrieved and distributed to all members involved. It adopts both,... More

How to implement Total Quality Management

Top of the charts In the past, errors and defects were an integral part of the definition of quality. But over time, with competition, the definition of quality has transformed to a 'zero-defect' status by the process known as Continuous Improvement Process (CIP). One of the philosophies of... More

How to write a scope statement of work

Scope Statement of Work (SOW) A Scope Statement of Work or a Scope of Work (SOW) is the official document by which a project is executed. Without the Scope of Work, a project has no existence. Every business that undertakes a project has to create a Scope of Work in order for the various demands,... More

How to set SMART goals in a project

Building blocks to setting SMART goals It is very important to set well defined goals for a project. The scope of the project should be clearly outlined, taking into consideration cost, time and quality factors. The project should also be within the capacity of the team and with incentive and... More

How to analyze a project issue

Project issue analysis In any project, there are certain factors or elements that bring about change to a project creating an issue or a scenario of project unrest. These issues have to be resolved from time to time in a systematic manner. Issues may arise from different departments involved in... More

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