How to be a responsible project manager

Traits of a responsible project manager

The project manager is like a mini-CEO of a project. He (she) determines the way the project will be planned and carried out, the amount of funds that will be allocated for each phase of the project, the manpower and resources that may be required and the time needed for the project to reach completion. Apart from recognizable features of a project manager’s duties, there are some criteria that define his responsibilities.

This guide gives a general picture of what the responsibilities of a project manager are. Some encompass the character which he is to possess, while some take into account skills developed along the course of his profession. Ideally, a project manager’s responsibilities falls under four categories as mentioned below.


Step 1

Personal Characteristics

There are some key personality traits that a project manager has to exhibit, which defines part of his responsibilities.

  • Adaptable and flexible
  • Leads and initiates
  • Confident and persuasive
  • Fluency and clarity with communication between the team and with stakeholders(effective communicator)
  • Integrator
  • Disciplined and well organized
  • Possesses skills in planning and control
  • Identifies problems with ease / skill
  • Problem solver
  • Effective in time management
Step 2

Behavioral skills

A project manager is responsible for his team and team performance. Hence he has a behavioral commitment in light of his responsibilities. This can be summed up by the acronym LEAR.

  • Listen: He has to give ample amount of attention to his team, by being an attentive listener.
  • Explore: Information that is gathered from the team should be further researched and assessed. This is where his responsibility towards the team and project come into plat; when he acts on information obtained.
  • Acknowledge: Give credit to whom credit is due. This can be done only by the project manager towards his team.
  • Respond: When there are issues raised within the team, the project manager should initiate a response or action, in view of his position as head of the team and the leadership qualities he possesses. He should also be able to prepare and conduct meetings with ease.
Step 3

Business Management skills

A project manager is part of an organization, and in essence a manager too. Therefore he has a certain obligation to the organization in view of his position.

  • Possess a strong understanding of the business and business operations
  • Possess adequate knowledge of project management
  • Ability to translate business requirements into projects
  • Ability to convert projects into business products or services
  • Have the ability to teach, train and develop project team during the course of a project in the interest of the organization.

Things Needed
• A good managerial personality
• Behavioral skills
• Knowledge of business and project management
• Technical skills for carrying out a project

Tips & Warnings
• A person who is not trained to be a project manager cannot lead a project team.
• A person who is not trained in project management has limited knowledge and will hence be a block rather than a boost to a project.
• A project manager should have a basic idea of the phases of a project, otherwise he will be hard-pressed for work support.


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