How to get your name off telemarketing call lists

How to get your name off telemarketing call lists

Tips for removing your telephone number from telemarketer call lists

Are you one of the many people that receives calls from telemarketers at dinner time or when you are watching your favorite TV show? If so, you probably want to know how to put a stop to this so that you can enjoy peace and quiet at home in the evening.

Telemarketing calls are very annoying and complaints have been pouring into politicians to do something about them. Governments in Canada and the US have initiated «Do not call» lists for those who want their names removed. However, there are still many people who do not know how to access this service. The following steps will simplify the process for you.


Step 1

Register your telephone number on the do not call list

You do have to register with the do not call list in your country of residence. In the US, the website address is and for Canadian residents the address is

You enter your telephone number in the space provided. This can be a residential number, a fax number, a cell phone number or a VOIP number. You repeat the process for all the telephone numbers you want removed from the list.

Step 2

Ask the telemarketer to put your telephone number on the do not call list

There is a chance that even with your number on the registry that you will still get calls from telemarketers who use computer generated phone numbers. If this happens, ask for the caller’s name, the name of the company and then state your request that you want your number removed from their call list.

Step 3

Wait for a month

It takes a month for your telephone number to be removed from telemarketing call lists. During the first month after you register with the do not call service, you will likely continue receiving calls. Wait until after this time period has lapsed before you make any complaints about further calls you receive.

Step 4

Get an unlisted number

If all else fails you can stop unwanted calls from telemarketers by getting an unlisted number. This telephone number is not published in any telephone directories and in some states it is illegal for telemarketers to call such a number.

Things Needed
• computer with Internet connection
• website address for the Do Not Call registry
• a telephone number
• patience

Tips & Warnings
• When you receive a telemarketing call after you have registered your number, don’t get angry with the caller. These people are only doing their jobs and probably don’t know you have removed your number.
• Don’t spend time talking with the person — hang up as soon as possible.


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