How to write a strategic communication plan

Strategic Communication Plan (SCP)

A strategic communication plan is a detailed step by step guide or process of distribution and implementation of various reports to stakeholders. It describes how the project information will be retrieved and distributed to all members involved. It adopts both, formal and informal methods of communication which is primarily in the written form and can be verified when referring back to this written plan.

A strategic communication plan helps overcome many hurdles in a business set up as it does not consider the emotional factor of individuals involved, is open for clarification and reference at any time, indicates who are responsible or accountable for any given task and gives a clear written picture of the proposed project to all stakeholders.

The SCP will also give a hierarchy for the activities to be conducted along with the time frame for the entire business project or business operation.


Step 1

Needs and requirements: stake holder analysis

The stake holder analysis will indicate the needs and requirements of the different stakeholders. This will be in the written form for all members to understand the scope of the project.

Step 2

Scope, Purpose and Quality requirements

The scope, purpose and quality requirements have to be mentioned in the SCP which is available in the Business Case, Project Management / Business Plan, product details, Quality level-1s to be followed, etc.

Step 3


Many types of reports will have to be generated and produced to stakeholders. The SCP will indicate the reports required and also indicate the frequency of report submission.

Step 4

Report submission

As seen above, many reports will have to be generated from time to time. In this context, the SCP will indicate which member / members is /are responsible for report generation and submission and also the frequency of reporting on reports.

Step 5

Report acceptance

Reports that are generated and handed over, will have to be accepted by certain members on behalf of all the stakeholders. The SCP will specifically mention these member names such that any stakeholder who wishes to know more information may approach the mentioned accountable members.

Step 6

Source of information for report generation

There will be many platforms for collecting information necessary for the report. For eg., accounts’ report may give information about the fiscal attributes of the project or the IT Department may lend information that give technical details for the project. Surveys, research and studies may be major contributing factors that might require follow-up and specifically mentioned in the SCP.

Step 7


Any event or activity which is a part of a business project or business operation will be limited by the ‘time’ factor. Reports that are to be generated on the various events and activities follow a time to time pattern where some are just a one time report or may be recurring and at frequent intervals. Specific time periods will be allotted for each activity and report submission.

Things Needed
• Writing pad / memo
• Structured plan of action
• Team members
• Support systems for information collection / generation

Tips & Warnings
• Time bound and limiting
• Result may affect job security
• A lot of research and study may be involved


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