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How to present bad news in a business letter

Convey bad news by 'wrapping' it properly. Whether you are communicating bad news to an individual employee, a team, a department, or a management group at work, it is never fun. After all, no one likes to receive bad news and it is often just as hard to give bad news. One of the most important... More

How to identify risks in a project

Project risk identification Risks are any unforeseen or uncertain events / conditions that could take place and have a positive or negative impact on the project. There are broadly two types of project risks: Business risks and Pure risks. Business risks face both losses and gain while Pure... More

How to read a profit and loss statement

A crucial step to business success or failure The Profit and Loss statement, also called account, or the Income statement, is a document prepared by almost all business entities - sole traders, partnerships, private and public limited companies (PLCs). Whereas the first three do so for tax... More

How to analyze stakeholder requirements

Stakeholder expectations In a project, every stakeholder has their own needs and end vision. Each of their expectations will not be the same and may divert along different tangents during the phases of the project. The Project Manager is responsible for the project and in getting the entire... More

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