Notepad Printing as a Promotional Items

Notepad Printing as a Promotional Items

Promotional items are a good way to entice prospective clients to take a look at your products. There is a wide array of promotional items but the most effective and practical would be notepads. Print notepads are good promotional items because they are not just something to decorate your table as in paper weights or something to stick to your refrigerator as in fridge magnets. Notepads can actually have some use. Read on and learn a few tips that might be helpful in designing print notepads.

Those that have never tried notepad printing feel that it is a task that you would not want to take on. This feeling arises because of sheer ignorance. Marketing professionals think otherwise. To them, notepad printing is as easy as designing any marketing collateral. As such, it requires careful planning to ensure that the notepads can be printed easily.

Essentially, there are two components to any notepad printing. First, your custom notepad should have your company’s logo. It should be prominently displayed in a way that it catches the attention of your prospective clients. Your logo is your company’s face, make sure that it is visible to all. The other component would be the company name. If your branding is not that prominent, you might want to consider putting your company’s name. I say this because there are certain brands that would cue you right away on the product or service. Just think of the golden arches, or the apple, or the swoosh, and you would know what I mean. For companies who have established their logos, they might not include the business name anymore to add drama to the notepads.

Here are a few tips to guide you as you prepare your notepads:

1. Prepare a dummy. I do this by getting a piece of bond paper and then sketch what I have in mind. I am not a good sketcher but I certainly know what I want to have in my custom notepad. Essentially, I would put the company logo there, as well as the company’s name. I try putting them in various places like a horizontal letterhead or a vertical one. Whatever you choose, it is all up to you. The important thing is that it is easily noticeable.

2. Prepare the dummy. Now that you have an idea of what you want your print notepads to look like. You can now go ahead and prepare the dummy. The dummy is something that you do in your desktop. You can use any software for this purpose; but I find Pagemaker as the most convenient for me. With this, you can now try different fonts, colors, layout, etc. To get things right, take time in choosing your own layout design.

3. Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. I said it three times to emphasize the point. There is nothing more costly than printing a number of print notepads only to find out that there is a something wrong with the text. A misspelled word. A missing letter. A wrong phone number. Anything can go wrong, hence, it is very important to double check, if not triple check all the details of the text.

While at it, you should also check the positioning of symbols and images. It is advisable that they exude some symmetry. Symmetry is important because it will make your design more visually appealing.

Finally, choose the right printer for your notepad printing. The test of the notepad is in the actual printing, so they say. However good your design it would not matter if you have a bad printer. Invest in a good one to get quality work for your notepad printing.


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