How to add affiliate banners to a website

Increase your earnings by adding affiliate banners to your website

When you have a website for selling products or to make money through Google adsense, you can also increase the amount of money you earn by adding affiliate banners to the pages of the site. This is affiliate marketing and you get paid according to the number of people that click through the ad to order a product from the affiliate site. There are many such affiliates online waiting for people to add their banners so that both you and the partner make money.

In most cases affiliate companies require that you have an established website with a specific number of visitors. Once you are approved and receive the code to place affiliate banners on your website, you may become bogged down. However, you do not need to be an expert in HTML in order to make this simple addition to your site. All you need is a knowledge of where the best position is on the page for each banner you want to add.


Step 1

Choose your affiliates

You can have one affiliate per page on your site depending on the content of the page or you might also want to stick with one affiliate. If you have only one affiliate for the site, you can choose to place the banner on every page or just the home page of your website.

Step 2

Select the HTML code for the affiliate banner

The affiliate will supply you with the code you need to paste the banner on your website. This will be written in HTML code and all you have to do is copy and paste it in the location of your choice on the HTML version of the website page.

Set your cursor at either the beginning or the end of the code. Shade the full code and right click on your keyboard to copy the banner. Then go back to your website and right click in the specific location on the page to paste the code.

Step 3

Preview the page

You should always preview the page of your website containing the affiliate banner that you pasted. In this way you can make sure that it is in the right place and that it looks good on the page. It is important that you give it a place of prominence where it will be seen by visitors to your site.

Step 4

Test the affiliate banner

It is not enough just to see that the affiliate banner is in the location you want on your webpage. You have to make sure that visitors can actually click through. To do this, you should click on the link in the preview mode to make sure that the link actually works. When you are satisfied with the placement of the affiliate banner, then you can publish the website.

Things Needed
• website
• affiliate company approval
• code for affiliate banner

Tips & Warnings
• The affiliate banners you choose for your website should match the content of your site.
• You can promote the banner by writing content about the company and its products so that visitors will be more inclined to click through and make a purchase.


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