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How to create a press kit

Press kits can be as varied and creative as a company or individual chooses. But there are some common elements and basic components of a press kit that should be considered for inclusion. A press kit is the window into your business and a well-prepared, professional press kit can gain tremendous... More

How to earn as a Marketing Affiliate

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing / On-line Marketing / Virtual Marketing / Virtual Retailing / On-line Retailing ... as the many names may imply are nothing but generating income with the use of the internet and by signing up to one or many companies on-line. An... More

How to ensure successful implementation of a project

Project implementation Project implementation is the fifth phase in the Project Life Cycle. It brings about the conversion of strategies to deliveries. It is headed and controlled by the project manager, who ensures that the project is carried out successfully to the satisfaction of... More

How to write a strategic communication plan

Strategic Communication Plan (SCP) A strategic communication plan is a detailed step by step guide or process of distribution and implementation of various reports to stakeholders. It describes how the project information will be retrieved and distributed to all members involved. It adopts both,... More

The Science and Art behind Hang Tag Printing

Hang tag printing is here to stay. It is a necessary marketing tool that you see in our everyday lives. Print hang tags do not only allow differentiation between two brands, it can also influence prospects to choose one brand over another. Interesting? It should be because there is both a science... More

Towards Cheap But Effective Brochure Printing

One of the techniques that is being used by many businessmen in promoting their products or services today is the distribution of print brochures. However, many business persons, particularly those who are just beginning and even the small players are having difficulty printing brochures because of... More

Print Envelopes to Boost Business Image

When it comes to business advertising, the first things that will surely come to your mind are the tools that are being utilized in the process, right? There are many tools that are available for your disposal. Each and every one of these tools has its own given task to ensure the right and smooth... More

Can a Logistics MSc Improve Your Logistics Career?

As volcanic ash descends over Europe once again and violent changes in the weather are still being seen all over the globe logistics officers in every type of global company are trying to find ways to ensure that their customers are not affected by the disruption to their service. Changes in the... More

How to write a classified ad

Classified ads are used to buy or sell merchandise Classified ads are placed by individuals having something to sell and are read by those searching for the items listed. Newspapers in larger cities arrange the ads into sections such as: automobiles, household belonging,... More

How to Choose the Best Survey Software Site

Starting a business can be very tricky. A good business should be able to use your initial investment and make it come back as more money. One way to know which venture will attract a lot of clients is giving out questionnaires that will ask people what they like and need. nnThe best respondents... More