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Winning web site marketing strategy

Is your site a good landing pad for PR? I can't tell you how many times we've busted our butts to get media, especially bloggers, to consider a client only for them to tell me one of the following: 1. “Website took too long to load” or 2. “Couldn't figure out what they do from... More

Will the recession teach us how to maximize our finances?

There are many lessons to be learned during a recession. It's clearly a time to simplify and to learn to appreciate the small things. But, will a recession teach us how to maximize our finances? Let's hope so, as a huge part of the reason this recession occurred is that millions of people were... More

Why should a website be user friendly?

There are many reasons why you should want to make your website user friendly, but it really all boils down to one reason: the purpose of your website is meant for consumption from other users. Whether your site is meant for educational purposes or as an online presence for your business, the... More

Great Brochure Design Options

Printing brochures are considered as one of the most useful and very effective tools that you can use for your business. These print materials usually offer you great depth when it comes to the options that you can choose in terms of the design and also in the concept. Moreover, these print... More

Getting Your Custom Newsletters That Extended Audience

Custom newsletters are not the easiest thing to dispatch when it comes to marketing and public relations tools. Everybody always expects the same old commercial drivel and self praising in custom newsletters that they hardly touch the stuff in most cases.Do not throw away the towel yet though in... More

Get the Most out of Calendar Templates

Calendars are effective marketing materials, every businessman or advertising executive would probably agree. Not because it can tell you dates and holidays and make you remember special occasions or important engagements, but because you can use calendars to your advantage. For example, a desk... More

How to use recapitalization to grow

Sometimes businesses need help and by planning everything in advance, recapitalization can work well to finance those changes that may otherwise not be possible. Planning. When planning how much money your company needs to expand, take a look at assets, and see if anything can reasonably be... More

How to enhance a commercial buildings attractiveness through color

Walking in a commercial-building for first time is something to venture upon. Ever wonder why some commercial-buildings are full of enthusiasts where as others are laid-back and calm? It's the color! The painted walls and decorated furnishings of a commercial-building are major-roles that... More

How to deliver great customer service

There are hundreds of books written on customer service, seminars are everywhere, and consultants make good money helping businesses deliver "good customer service". When you finish reading through all of that information, it's really as basic as.....Treat others the same way you want... More

How outsourcing is becoming an economic necessity

Traditionally a country's economy was heavily influenced by internal factors. This is still true to an extent, but as technology expands many companies across different nations are becoming interdependent on one another. Essentially economies have gone global. What happens in one country has a... More