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The Big Elements That Shape The Look of Your Postcards

There are many elements that shape the total look of your design for postcard printing. We are not just talking about postcard templates here. We are talking about the big influential factors that really contribute to a well made design for postcard printing. If you are a beginner in designing... More

Tips on how to print Greeting Cards

Browsing through the selections of print greeting cards, you may have been inspired to create these print materials on your own. Charming, personal, and customized, these print greeting cards can surely warm anyone's heart. Greeting cards, after all, are a way of expressing your greetings, sharing... More

The Old vs. the New

What worked in the past years may, or may not work today. That is what a seasoned marketing executive taught me. I guess this is a valid observation primarily because there are definitely new ways to make your products or services both visible and credible. Let me suggest some dilemmas faced by... More

The Creative Bookmarks

Using print bookmarks to function like a coupon is a novel idea. This is a good marketing tactic that could pique customer interest; that is if you do it right. The bookmark printing does not only draw attention to your offer, it can also draw attention to itself. This means that creatively... More

How to prepare a 1099 for a contract worker

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that those who hire freelance contractors are required to report their earnings on an annual basis. Each contractor's earnings must be reported if they exceed $400. The IRS has made filing simple for those who use electronic filing or they may be filed... More

The Importance of Marketing

Despite the present economy, my sister-in-law just recently bought a new car when they already have two parked in their garage. My sister-in-law said that they just read it from a brochure they got from one of their business trips and they felt a need to have one for themselves. Their exact words?... More

The Benefits of Online Poster Printing

Do you know that you can actually be able to stand out with your marketing collaterals, especially if you're using poster printing as your tool? Posters have been the marketing tools for many years now, and they have been used for many purposes - from personal to increasing sales, these marketing... More

Stickers for Home Improvement and Other Purposes

Anyone, regardless of age, can be fascinated with stickers. Kids take fun in collecting and using stickers that they put anywhere: at their rooms, doors, notebook covers, and even clothes, among others. They also show it to friends, who have equal fascination with these prints, swap with them, and... More

The Basics of Zed Card Printing

Making your own Zed card requires specific skills as well as considerable amount of time. For you to create a Zed card, you need to be proficient in design software, such as Adobe In design, Quark Express or Adobe Photoshop. Otherwise, you need to get the services of a professional designer. Leave... More

The Benefits of Networking

Networking did not work for me. Why would referral networking work? This is a misconception that not a few people share. Most people think that after attending a networking event and exchanging business cards, that's it. Few people understand that there is more work to it. The network does not... More