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The Benefits of Networking

Networking did not work for me. Why would referral networking work? This is a misconception that not a few people share. Most people think that after attending a networking event and exchanging business cards, that's it. Few people understand that there is more work to it. The network does not... More

The Basics of Making Mailing Envelope

Sending mail packages can be a hurdle, especially if you are going to dispense bulky and odd-shaped materials. You may have had to search far and wide for mailing envelopes that can hold your mail materials and be assured that these will be received by the addressees in good condition. For example,... More

The Basic List of Parts for Color Postcards

In this tutorial, we will give you the basic list of parts in a design for postcard printing. While most postcard templates will have these basic elements, some are more subtle elements that most of these templates do not even have or do not indicate for. So, for you to really learn about the basic... More

Thank You Card Printing for Every One

When you are invited to come to a party, have received a gift package, or is accommodated in someone else's home, make it a point to write and send a thank you card. As a token of your appreciation, take time to do this small gesture, even if how busy you are. Let the people whohave showed you love... More

Sticker Printing for Kids

Kids have always been drawn to stickers as adults are drawn to, say, for example, car plates. Kids go through a phase when all they want is to collect stickers and put them anywhere imaginable: lockers, notebooks, doors, refrigerators, and even on their clothes and shoes! They make it a collection,... More

Take Stock of Marketing Campaign and Get Clients in the Process

When you are a small business owner, what is more important in marketing your business is that you are able to know what is and what is not getting through your target clients. This is more important for a small business owner like you, more than the big corporations, because you have less money to... More

Stop Making a Fool of Yourself When Marketing

Although it's a long way from April Fool's Day, let me guess, you're still having a hard time stopping yourself from being a fool especially when marketing your business? Hard as you try, you can't seem to shake this image of always having mistakes and your marketing strategy not getting you the... More

Save On Your Marketing Budget with Commercial Printing

Commercial printing is one the more popular options for many business owners and marketers nowadays because of a variety of options made available by the commercial printer to their clients and customers. And the results from printing commercially can be seen everywhere – another reason... More

Ruling out Myths in Brochure Printing

If you are a brochure user or designer, you must have heard or known certain myths about brochure printing. Some of these misconceptions might have been already proven incorrect, but they are still worth remembering to remind business owners how crucial this activity is for you and your business.... More

How to create an electronic press kit

Electronic press kits can save time and money. An electronic press kit is a great way to market your online or offline business. One of the major advantages of an electronic press kit is that the printing costs are eliminated for the majority of your clients and prospects. Another important... More