Postcards: An Inexpensive Way to Increase Sales

Postcards: An Inexpensive Way to Increase Sales

Postcards are nothing new to the business industry. For years, business owners have utilized post cards to generate sales, encourage past customers to come back, introduce new products or service, and even close a sale. In fact, these cards are so simple, affordable, and flexible that many businesses still use them today despite the popularity of online marketing. Well, old practices are sure hard to let go.

But what can postcards really do?

• First of all, it can help generate foot traffic to your store. Simply sending the card to your prospects will bring a customer or two to your store.

• A post card with a screenshot of your website can also increase traffic for your site.

• You can use post cards to remind customers of your upcoming events. In fact, you can use your card to remind your past customers that it is time to buy from you again.

• You can use the card to invite customers to take part in a sale, where you are offering discounts to your regular customers who will purchase more than their usual purchase.

• You can also use your postcards to introduce a new product or even a new member of your staff. Encourage them to come over and see your new offering or your new staff.

• Your post card can help you invite people to take part in your holiday promos.

If that are what post cards can do, what could you possibly benefit from using them as your marketing material?

• The main advantage of using post cards is that they are cheap to produce. Even when on a limited budget, you can produce post cards.

• When target marketing, post cards can let you hit your target audience effectively.

• Producing post cards basically takes only a few days. So, you get to have your post cards ready for mailing in no time at all.

• People love receiving post cards in their mails. A stunning and eye-catching post card is more likely to be read by people as compared to advertising letters.

• No special equipment is required to create a post card. You can very easily create your own card. Just make sure that you message is short, simple, and direct to the point.

The layout?

Although easy and simple to create, there are still important things you need to consider when designing your post card:

• Because there is only a limited space in post cards, you need to maximize the use of that space. Choose only the important details that you need to tell your prospects. As much as possible, your post card should be legible, well balanced, and engaging.

• When considering images, put them on your card only when your message can be augmented by the image. Other wise, they will only be a waste of space and could even make your message more confusing.

• Use consistent elements and postcard templates when planning to send out a series of post cards throughout the year. This will create brand awareness and help people recognize you easily.

• Use a strong headline. Your headline should easily catch people’ attention and encourage your prospects to stop and read the rest of your card.

Just follow the ideas above and you are sure to create effective post cards for your business. These cards are worth every penny to invest on.


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