Sticker Printing for Kids

Sticker Printing for Kids

Kids have always been drawn to stickers as adults are drawn to, say, for example, car plates. Kids go through a phase when all they want is to collect stickers and put them anywhere imaginable: lockers, notebooks, doors, refrigerators, and even on their clothes and shoes! They make it a collection, showing them off to friends and classmates who also have the same level of fascination. Kids have an attraction for stickers that whenever they go through a book store, they may want to include it in your to-buy-list. Purchasing these stickers all the time can be a no-no since some of these stickers do not come in cheap. Those that are large in size can be twice the price than what you perceive of their value.

Sticker printing, however, can be your solution. If you want to save costs and teach your children to save, you may want to consider a sticker printing activity with your kids. Materials for sticker printing can be found at your nearest shopping mall and can even be in your own home. These materials can come in affordable prices, too, so you can be assured that you will not have to spend a fortune for sticker printing. These sticker printing activities are not just money savers, however. You can also have a bonding session with your kids and have them all involved in a craft project. You can help widen your children’s imagination, improve their creative skills, and teach them hard work as well as patience.

So if you are looking forward for a sticker printing activity with your kids, here are some guidelines.

— Prepare the necessary materials. You will need a stack of sticker paper as well as full color ink. You can include your kids in shopping for sticker paper, so they can choose any color. Full color ink can be your choice to make the activity more fun. Black and white can be boring, so you may want to have bright splashes of color.

— Facilitate making designs. As the adult, you are in charge of leading the activity, so you need to coax them into making their own designs. You may want them to make their own drawings, scan them over, and edit the image for the sticker. Or you can ask them to choose any available image online or offline that they will use.

— Print the design on paper. Once you and your kids have created and finalized the designs for the stickers, you can already go to the next step: printing. Put the sticker paper on the printer. Make sure, though, that the settings you have on your computer and on your computer matches. Test print if you like.

— Use the sticker anytime. See, the process of sticker printing can be easy. You can spend your free time creating stickers with the kids. You can make the designs outrageous and customized, piquing the interest of any kid. You can also print stickers for use as giveaways or tokens during the birthday parties of the kids.

In sticker printing, it is important to always have fun. Create an atmosphere in which your kids can be themselves and use their wildest imagination. Take the activity as a way to bond more with your kids, and when they are older, they can have long lasting memories with you.


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