Stop Making a Fool of Yourself When Marketing

Stop Making a Fool of Yourself When Marketing

Although it’s a long way from April Fool’s Day, let me guess, you’re still having a hard time stopping yourself from being a fool especially when marketing your business? Hard as you try, you can’t seem to shake this image of always having mistakes and your marketing strategy not getting you the results you expect.

Of course mistakes are common when you’re in business; but not always that you already become a marketing fool each time you design one of your marketing campaigns. Sadly, being a marketing fool can be avoided. You can be a marketing genius if you can do something differently from these marketing mistakes.

First mistake is that marketing fools often spend all their money in one marketing campaign or strategy. Whether you’re looking at color printing your brochure this month, or asking your color printer to design brilliant brochures next time, still you are doing one type of marketing, which is brochure printing. Why you keep on coming back to brochures, well, it’s really your prerogative. But the fact remains that you are putting all your eggs in one basket, and betting all you have in one place. This is very dangerous.

Even if bigger companies do this, it is still not a good exercise for you, especially if you’re very vigilant of your limited budget. You don’t want to put all your bets on one marketing strategy because you know that people in general don’t buy a product that they have only seen once. They need to see and hear it consistently before they could even remember the product and later on be encouraged to buy it. Consumers need consistency in marketing to be able to trust in your benefits. When they see you often, only then would they be able to really see and hear what you are offering and finally make an informed decision on your value.

A marketing genius therefore would spend his or her marketing money in various types of strategies but with only one marketing message. Repetition is the key to smart marketing. The more times your target clients see and hear your message, the more likely they are going to act on your offer.

In addition, don’t discount where you are hearing your marketing message. The key is to have your message heard in many places so your target clients will have better chances of hearing it and would eventually want what you are offering. Again, as a marketing genius, you would spread yourself everywhere and anywhere your market can be found. This way, you will have more opportunities to be in the marketing game than out of it.

Another mistake made by marketing fools is that they often waste their time, energy and resources on designing beautiful ads and eye catching messages rather than thinking of how one can stand out. You see, designing pretty ads and attractive messages are what everyone else is doing right now. Everybody’s into bigger pictures and full color printing. In fact, almost all marketing strategies have the same design that the worst response often happens – there were no response at all. There was no action made to the message because your target clients don’t see the difference from all the similar marketing messages in the market.

The point here is that your marketing campaign is just like everybody else’s that you don’t stand out. All marketing fools do it this way, so why be a fool, too? As a marketing genius, you know that you need to stand out to get everyone’s attention. You cannot blend because if you do, nobody’s going to spend their time and energy with you. The trick is to design something intriguing and offer what your target clients are looking for. The way you respond to your target clients’ needs is the means for you to have a successful marketing campaign that gets attention every time.

As a marketing genius, by being a stand out, you are providing your target clients with an offer that has value to them. And because your target clients find your offer worthy of their attention, your marketing message would always elicit a response from your prospective clients.

So after all these information, are you still a marketing fool? If you know what’s good for you and your business, you better shape up and be a marketing genius right away. This is the only way you can get people to see your worth and therefore bring success to your business.


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