The Basic List of Parts for Color Postcards

The Basic List of Parts for Color Postcards

In this tutorial, we will give you the basic list of parts in a design for postcard printing. While most postcard templates will have these basic elements, some are more subtle elements that most of these templates do not even have or do not indicate for. So, for you to really learn about the basic parts of a layout for postcard printing, you should try to remember the following list. Let us get started with the most basic element, and that is the postcard image.

1. The postcard image • Postcards are defined by their cover image. It is the first thing that people will see, and it is the first thing that you will need to compose as a designer of color postcards. Typically you will want a large image that spans the whole length and width of the postcard printing. Moreover, it is important that your image must be captured in a digital high resolution image format to make sure that everything turns out clearly in postcard printing.

It is best to take time your time in choosing and getting this important part of your color postcards. This will be the focal point of your designs, so make sure you get this perfect.

2. The postcard text • The next part that a postcard will need is the postcard text. While the image is the focal point of attention in postcard printing, the text is where the real details of the message is delivered. Typically you will put this as a foreground element on top of your postcard image and it will act as the title or headline of your postcards. The usual rules in writing postcard text is to write a short line or two that describes what the postcard is all about. The shorter and the more concise the content is, the better for the postcard. So make sure you write your postcard text carefully.

3. The postcard foreground element • Another part that some people miss in postcard design is the postcard foreground element. Unlike the postcard text, the postcard foreground element is any kind of graphic or even text that comes on top of the main image that "polishes" the design to make it look better. This can be something like a filter that adds an overarching effect throughout the postcard design, or it can be something as simple as little swirls, twinkles, shadows and glows. Postcard templates never include this part in their layouts, but this is an essential part of a custom postcard design that polishes the designs up to make it look complete.

4. The postcard margins/borders • For many postcards, borders and margins are an important element in their design. This is especially true for travel postcards and other types of marketing postcards where a border and a margin is a good way to "frame" postcard designs. If you want to create a proper commercial color postcard, you should consider seriously adding this element in your layout.

5. The postal area • Finally, at the back, we have the postal area for the postcard. This includes a spacious area for the custom message of the postcard, as well as areas to for the sender and receiver addresses. Of course, the "stamp" area or location is also a crucial element to complete a postcard layout.
That completes the list of basic parts for a typical color postcard. Have all these elements in your custom postcard document and you should have a correct layout for postcard printing.


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