The Basics of Zed Card Printing

The Basics of Zed Card Printing

Making your own Zed card requires specific skills as well as considerable amount of time. For you to create a Zed card, you need to be proficient in design software, such as Adobe In design, Quark Express or Adobe Photoshop. Otherwise, you need to get the services of a professional designer. Leave the work to someone who can do the job on time and can be expect to provide quality.

There are different pointers you need to bear in mind in Zed card printing. Read the following to acquaint yourself with the basic and apply it to the production process:

— In Zed card printing, having digital images is necessary. If you do not have these digital images, digitize your prints or film then. If the images are on film, bring your negatives to a photo laboratory and have them saved on a compact disk. There are a lot of photo labs that offer this service at an affordable price. You would not have a hard time finding a photo lab that can provide you with this kind of service. When you are going to save your prints, make sure that they are in large size so that they are of high quality.

— If all the images are already digitized, you need to ensure that they are of quality. These images should have 300 dpi at most on its print size. Images that have higher dpi are alright. You may encounter a problem if the images are smaller as this will affect the printing quality. A large file is needed for Zed card printing.

— Aside from checking the quality of your prints, you also need to correct the colors and apply photo touches. For example, you may need to get rid of clothes stains or eye bags. Bear in mind that you need to do these retouches before you resize your prints. Also, you need to remember that what appears on the computer monitor does not necessarily translate on print. So, you may need to have your computer calibrated with the printer using special software.

— Once you have done the retouching, resize all the images and then put them in your layout. This layout can be made possible through the use of design software, such as Adobe Photoshop. In lay outing, make sure that the print size is at 300 dpi. Save your files according to the design software you use. After which, can send the files to your printer and wait for your composite cards to come out.

If you want quality prints, though, you can just get the services of a design company that offers printing services. There are a lot of these companies online. You just need to find out the best of the best by doing your research. Take time to find out which companies offer quality prints at a great price. If you already have a shortlist, compare their pricing system, payment set up, and product samples.

In order to ensure quality prints, look at their design portfolio. Make sure that their design styles match yours. If you have already decided on a printing company, you can make an order online. Provide them with the materials as well as information you need and the specifications that have to be taken into account. After you make an order, you can just wait for your prints!


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