The Creative Bookmarks

The Creative Bookmarks

Using print bookmarks to function like a coupon is a novel idea. This is a good marketing tactic that could pique customer interest; that is if you do it right. The bookmark printing does not only draw attention to your offer, it can also draw attention to itself. This means that creatively designed print bookmarks might just find their way into the pages of their favorite Twilight novel.

The bigger challenge though is how do you make good print bookmarks? Well, there are a lot ways to consider. Read through and understand how you can optimize bookmark printing as an advertising tool.

When you think bookmarks, you think about this narrow piece of card board with buntings or ribbons at one end. These bookmarks are usually two sided, meaning you can use both sides to deliver your message. These bookmarks are not only viable marketing vehicles to increase sales; they can also be used to draw potential clients to your website, your online store, among others. They are best used to create short-term traffic to a particular establishment.

Using bookmarks to advertise can be measured. You can use bookmarks to function like your everyday discount coupons. You can ask customers to bring in their bookmarks whenever they purchase or avail of any services. Counting the number of customers who went in with their custom bookmarks will give you an idea of how effective the campaign was. The offer of discount can be printed on the bookmark itself or a checklist can be included that every time a customer visits, his or her bookmark can be stamped to avail of the freebies after several purchases. The good thing about this marketing tool is that they can be designed and printed from your desktop computer.

Using the bookmarks to function as a coupon can be used by many establishments. Traditionally, grocery markets use coupons when making offers but little do they know that bookmarks can also deliver the message effectively. The bookmarks can be designed like discount coupons or thank you cards.

You can also use bookmarks to function like some sort of a loyalty card where customers will bring the bookmarks every time they visit the shop. They can use this to get haircuts, shoes and bag repair, wine, movie, clothing, to name a few. Be creative with your business and the bookmarks will do the rest.

If you have a website, be sure to put a printable or downloadable bookmark. This way, you can get more people to avail of your services. The more people downloading the bookmark, the better because it just shows that your bookmark offers are selling like hotcakes. You may want to put a counter so you will know how many people are downloading your bookmarks.

Another benefit of using bookmarks is that they can generate publicity. The more prospects that spread the word about your offers and the innovative way by which you deliver them, the more potential business you will gain. Through your bookmarks, it is hoped that a band wagon effect can be created. This means, people wanting to get either the print bookmarks or the downloadable ones.

So what’s the verdict? More than a piece of paper with ribbon in the pages of a book, your bookmarks may be your novel solution to advertise your products or services. The good thing about bookmarks is that you can design it the way you want it and they will not cost you an arm and a leg. So go ahead, try the bookmarks in your next campaign.


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