The Old vs. the New

The Old vs. the New

What worked in the past years may, or may not work today. That is what a seasoned marketing executive taught me. I guess this is a valid observation primarily because there are definitely new ways to make your products or services both visible and credible. Let me suggest some dilemmas faced by businesses today.

Online Postcard or Traditional Postcard Printing •

The ultimate questions that most businesses ask is which media would get to more customers. In other words, what medium would bring in more customers to the business? There is no quick answer to this question because various people have different reading habits. Some people prefer to read printed postcards templates. These people prefer to touch the postcard printing, savoring the edges as well as the smell of the ink in its back page. While others, because they are always on the run, prefer to open their postcards in their Blackberries. Still there are some who do not mind how they will get their postcards • whether it’s the traditional route or the modern ones.

Social Media or Postcard Printing •

People using social media like Facebook or Twitter are getting bigger every minute. Should this be enough reason for businesses to shift from the conventional postcard printing to the online social media to get the business more visible? This may be true; but what businesses fail to note is that not all social media is an appropriate medium. There are people who feel silly tweeting or posting micro blogs or following someone in their Friendster or Facebook account, or to even post a video ad in YouTube.

What experts would suggest is to first advertise through traditional means like print postcards, and then gradually build up through social media. This way, your customers are not overwhelmed. Gradual introduction is ideal to get people used to new strategies.

Regardless of the approach, there are things that are applicable to both strategies. Read them and apply them whether online or printed.

• Do not make it sound like an elevator pitch. There is nothing more boring than a standard spiel or standard postcard templates. They’re so standard! These approaches are devoid of creativity and imagination. Remember that what you want is to get noticed and there is no guarantee that a standard spiel or a standard postcard template can deliver this objective. On the other hand, what you want to do is to definitely make the approach unique. It has to stand out and be noticed by your prospective clients or customers.

• Do not make it a hard sell. Customers are turned off by businesses that shove the products and services down their customers’ throats. Remember the last time that you felt that the obnoxious sales agent is making a pitch a bit too far? It is the same way with either your online postcard or traditional postcard printing company. The print postcard should be subtle in its approach • it should be more persuasive than obnoxious.

• Do not rely on either one. What you want to do is for each medium to complement each other. This is to suggest that both strategies will work particularly if it is supported by each one.

With both the conventional printing of postcards and online postcard in your arsenal, there is no reason for your strategy to fail.


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