The Science and Art behind Hang Tag Printing

The Science and Art behind Hang Tag Printing

Hang tag printing is here to stay. It is a necessary marketing tool that you see in our everyday lives. Print hang tags do not only allow differentiation between two brands, it can also influence prospects to choose one brand over another. Interesting? It should be because there is both a science and art to hang tag printing. You should be able to know how to design your hang tags properly in order for them to achieve their intended use — to generate sales.

But how do you do it right? Well, that has always been the question that all businesses want to find the answer to. Well here are some helpful tips to guide you on how you can make your print hang tags work.

Be Bold. There are schools of thought that tell us that hang tags should be simple. I beg to disagree. Your hang tags should bold and attractive because what you want is a hang tag that would be able to attract the attention of all those who would have the opportunity to look at it. They should be designed in a manner that will not just capture attention but also be able to project the image of the brand or the business. This piece of paper should be able to tell your customers about what to expect from your products.

Keep the Text Sparse. Those little hang tags is not a way to tell the history of the product or the brand. The space may be limited so it is ideal that you develop a key message. Do not clutter the hang tags with so many words; that’s not going to help. The more cluttered your hang tags are, the more disinterested people will be. The bottom line is to keep the text to the bare minimum. If you must put some text, stick to the key message. Keep the words simple.

Invest in graphics and images. Graphics and images are one way to make your hang tags more desirable to look at. A bottle of vintage wine, an old pair of boots, a chocolate cupcake — these are some of the images I was able to conjure when I think of my favorite hang tags. With these images, I remember the brand and it makes me think of going to the shops right after writing this.

Upsize. Big is difficult to not notice. Large hang tag printing is difficult to ignore, so I suggest that you go big whenever possible. Think about the locations of your product, then think about the size of the hang tags. As a general rule, the more inconspicuous the place, the larger your hang tags should be. For instance, hang tags for bicycles should be more conspicuous and much larger than hang tags of long sleeved shirts.

Be Innovative. There are different ways to print hang tags. You could use different sizes, different colors, different paper sizes, different paper texture, etc. Find the most appropriate for your product and the environment that it will be in. You can also go folded, double sided, etc. The challenge here is to come up with new and innovative designs. The more creative your hang tags are, the more attention it will attract.

There is no doubt that your hang tags present excellent opportunities for you to advertise your product. The main thing here is to understand the science and the art behind the printing of hang tags.


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