Tips To Improve Your Postcard Printing Project

Tips To Improve Your Postcard Printing Project

Postcard printing for business is an excellent marketing idea. Since postcards are relatively inexpensive and easy to produce, their return on investment is not that bad. Indeed, postcards can enhance a company’s sale and brand image when forwarded to customers.

When it comes to designing and printing postcards, one can easily make a mistake when some important things are ignored. If you are investing in custom postcard printing, you need consider several things in order to maximize all the benefits that postcards can bring to your marketing campaign. There are businesses that fail in using postcards effectively and this is the reason the customers treat those cards as junk mails. So it is crucial that you take steps that will increase your postcard’s value. Here are some ideas on how you can improve your custom postcard printing project:

Choose your format and a theme
Before you start designing your card, carefully consider the format to use. Will it be vertically oriented? Or will it be horizontal? How about the shape? Would you use the standard rectangle? Or do you want to be more experimental and use something, like an oval-shape? You should also think about the emotion you want to evoke by choosing a particular theme. Should you choose something romantic or funny? Having a specific theme will make it easier for you to get an emotion response from your prospects.

Use photographs
We’ve heard it all before: "A picture is worth a thousand words." And this applies exactly to postcards. The photo you use in your postcards are powerful enough to deliver your message. That is, as long as you use a picture that is relevant to your business. So make sure that the visual element of your card is as related to your marketing message as it is appealing to your target audience.

Do not forget about the postage side
Take advantage of your postcard’s "free space," by using it to tease your prospects to turn over the card. You may use the space as an introduction to your main message. Or you could print your company’s tagline to enhance brand recognition.

Include your company logo
One of the best advantages of custom postcard printing is that you can make the cards reflect your identity. By adding your company logo, you are presenting yourself to your prospective customers. It also gives credibility to your cards. Just make sure that your logo is professional-looking and well-designed to make an impact on people and leave a lasting impression.

Consider printing a sample
There are times that you can spot an error in your work only when you finally have the finished product in your hands. So before actually ordering for prints, consider making a sample first so you can check for errors. Keep in mind that what you see on the computer screen is significantly different from what will appear on print.

Ultimately, postcards are more than a just piece of paper. As long as you do it right, you can make your postcards do wonders for your business.


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