Top popular web-based customer relationship management programs for sales management

relationship management programsOften we get questions from our readers asking for advice on choosing a customer relationship management system. Particularly often, there’s high interest in programs for retaining the customer base and for tracking communications. Thus, we will talk about products. What’s the best CRM for a startup? After all, systems that are best-loved and uncomplicated are expensive. Which free CRM can be an alternative to products like Pipedrive, Vtiger CRM, Nimble, NetSuite and could suffice as a replacement? 


What is the primary thing we got out of using a customer relationship management? 

We were able to automate numerous procedures. We were empowered to pay much closer attention to the important details. It became a lot easier to organize earnings. In contrast with several competitors, we were able to discover the strengths of our business model. Sales rose by 310 percent. We haven’t lost anything, only won. Probably one of the secrets of our success would be a carefully chosen CRM. 


Top 15 Best Free CRMs for sales

  • Friday CRM — we implement it (see below for information)
  • Yetiforce
  • Marketing 360
  • Agile CRM
  • TeamWave
  • LeadOrganizer
  • OmnipriseCRM
  • Neoserra CRM
  • Propertybase
  • ClickHQ
  • Salesmanna
  • MyBusiness
  • B2i CRM
  • Skyward CRM

Why do we believe FridayCRM to be an excellent product? 

All of the positive comments help make the choice in its favor, along with the best tools for increasing the productivity of supervisors will be Friday CRM. It’s a very common program. If you look at the user reviews, the essentials of the system do not require special training or technical staff. Thus, the best tool for increasing the productivity of managers will be FridayCRM. Data backup provides additional security. Optimize marketing strategies in no time at all. Access on the cloud allows quick access from anywhere in the world. The CRM builds functional planning of the workday. There are more than a few opportunities for integration with third-party services, so this is a valuable tool for managers. Its customizable structure is among its best features, and the software has a high operating speed compared to similar systems.

Make the assessment for yourself. The greatest endorsement will be what you accomplish. An excellent system doesn’t have to be expensive, and we are convinced of this.

Bruce Ford, Discover Magazine