Uses of Institutional Brochures

Uses of Institutional Brochures

If you have noticed, brochures are also made not only to promote what is being sold. They are also published by corporations in order for people to know their business. These are called institutional brochures because as opposed to product pamphlets, they talk about the business itself and not the products that they are selling. Here are some uses of institutional pamphlets and why companies invest so much in the creation and brochure printing of these materials. Read on so that you will understand and apply them to your own company as well.

1. Creating Awareness. There are products that people only buy because they trust the makers. They know how the company started, how the business is being managed, and how the management put high emphasis on producing only the best quality products. People would like to know the quality control in the products that they are consuming, so the pamphlets are very effective in doing this.

2. Information Dissemination. Sometimes, you need to inform people of some changes in the company that will affect your operations. You can use the brochures to do this. The pamphlet should be able to answer the questions in people’s mind. For an easy read, especially if your target readers are the consumers themselves, use the Q and A format for your text. Then just include a short introduction and a conclusion at the end. The ending should be the summary of the Q and A content.

3. Establishing Goodwill. If you have a campaign that will greatly impact the community, let them know about it. That will establish a good image in the minds of people. You will be reputed as a market leader with a heart of social issues like the environment, soil degradation, air pollution, and the like.

4. Public Relations Effort. The institutional brochure is mostly a public relations effort. In a way, you are making the public go inside your company, to take a look at your operations, your officers, and your principles. But in doing so, you are gaining their trust. You are letting them know that you are a company that is secure, established, and that has a conscience. You are a company that cares for its consumers because you are going to the extent of letting them know what you are doing.

5. Masking Advertising. Of course, these institutional brochures are not merely for public relations purposes. It is also a subtle way for advertising your products and services in the guise of just letting people know about your operations. But it is not obvious because they are not taking center stage in your pamphlet—your company is.

6. Collateral for Investors. Sometimes these reading materials are also included in the portfolio for potential investors to look at. While you can prepare the information in a word processor and printed in legal size format, the colored pamphlet would still look more attractive in its readable format. There are people who are already in the management position but who do not like reading long texts. So brochures are perfect for them. For this purpose, your brochure printing is already worth it because it can spell the difference between getting people to invest in your company or not. So put a good thought to this and make your company look good in these materials.


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