Using Promotions with Marketing Campaign

Using Promotions with Marketing Campaign

Many people think that marketing is simply something that is normal for businesses to do-it’s something expected from businesses. But what really is marketing and why is it important to businesses?

Marketing is actually what business owners do to place their products and services in the hands of their customers. From sales and pricing to packaging and distribution, everything involves marketing. On a general sense, marketing is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to provide insight and awareness about their products and services to their potential customers. It is their chance to make their business most appealing to their customers. If business is all about people (the customers) and persuasion, marketing is all about getting the right people to persuade.

But marketing without the right promotion won’t get your business anywhere. The best marketing strategy must use unique ways to attract the interest of the people to patronize your products or services. And the best way to do that is through a compelling promotional campaign.

Promotions is actually employed to encourage customers to keep coming back to your. Right now, small business or multinational companies use promotions on a daily basis. Here are promotional ideas for you to consider with your marketing campaign:

• Make a grand opening. If your business is new, make sure to make a grand opening for it. You can do this by giving free samples, offering foods at the event, and handing out coupons for discounts on your products and services. You can use your business card as coupon. Simply print your business card templates with coupon on one side for customers to use on their visit to your store. You can also send out flyers or mailers with freebies which your customers can claim upon visit to your store. All these will encourage people to flock your opening and perhaps persuade them to visit you again.

• Don’t forget the holidays. Holidays are special events to us. Don’t forget to use this occasion to promote your business. Whether it is Christmas, Mother’s Day, or Valentines Day, you have every excuse to send your target customers cards that contain promotion about your business. You can even include in your promotional materials news of a special discount on a certain holiday. This will surely encourage your target customers to go to your store.

• Use referrals. Most businesses draw in customers through referrals. Consider offering promotions to customers that refer you to others. For instance, they get freebies or discounts every time they bring in friends with them on their next visit. This is a good strategy to drum your more customers for you.

• Promote your products. This is the most often used promotional strategy of business owners. They offer a discount on their items, offer buy one get one free, or free shipping charges. This is a great way to entice customers to buy from you instead of your competitors.

• Consider cross promotion. This means tying up your products to products of other businesses. For instance, you can sponsor an event with other businesses, print information of other businesses in your receipt, or put business card printing in each other’s store. When it comes to cross promotion, there are actually endless you can do to attract the attention of your target customers. Just make sure to cross promote with business in the same field as you.


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