Your Headlines Should Have These Qualities

Your Headlines Should Have These Qualities

There are two things that your headline in your marketing collaterals should have, be it brochure printing or color bookmark printing — your advertising print should be able to attract the attention of your target clients and make them want to read the rest of what you have to say to them.

Your ad should be able to make your target clients want to read more of what you have to offer in your message. If not, then you are just wasting your time on your marketing collaterals that are not doing their job. One expert marketer has this way of testing whether his message can be effective — after writing it he then asks himself, "so what?" The answer to this question is your compelling reason for your target clients to continue reading your message as well as your gauge whether your marketing collaterals are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

So how do you write an effective headline? Here are some simple methods you can apply to your printing projects that even your bookmark printer for example can be proud of.

It should be able to stop people.
This means that your headline should be so attractive and appealing that they would want to stop and read what you have to say, be it in your color bookmark printing, poster or postcard. As a design principle, your marketing collaterals should have a layout that would be able to attract the attention of your target clients. This is where compelling headlines come in. But your headlines, in order to really do their job, should also be so attractive that your words are able to stop them dead on their tracks and then make them want to read your message. It is so appealing that your target readers want to know more. If your headlines do not get this done, then it is time for you to go back to the drawing board for your next headline.

Your headline should have the ability to stop your target clients that they would want to turn the pages of your marketing collaterals to look at your print ad again. Your headline should be able to capture the minds and hearts of your target clients that they get your meaning right away. Again, I would like to point out that you have to make an easier time for your target clients to easily understand your message. Because the longer they get to the crux of your message, the longer it would be for them to decide on the value of your offer.

The point: if your headline can deliver a compelling message that your target clients can fully understand immediately, they would want to find out more of what you are talking about.

Your target clients should be able to get it.
This means that when you convey your headline, be it a joke, a moral lesson or even a surprising revelation, it should be able to help your target readers to get the point easily. You wouldn’t want your target readers to spend time trying to decipher your message because you would want them to instantly get what you want them to do so they can also respond to your offer right away. Always remember that the longer the time it takes for them to try to understand your message, the more chances that they would not want to act on your offer. Because they simply believe that they won’t get anything from it anyway. After all your effort, they decide that there’s nothing there that’s worth their time and energy.

The point: your target clients can easily see what you want to say if you are offering them something that they need and want. If you can offer them that, then you have yourself headlines that will always make your target readers want to stop and learn more about you and your offer.


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