Your Presentation Folders Are More Than Just File Accessories

Your Presentation Folders Are More Than Just File Accessories

As long as you are looking into office accessories and supplies, presentation folders are one of the most essential things that your office can’t do without. Sometimes called pocket folders, manila folders, file folders, and even office folders, your presentation folders are essential in your office organization.

Though they can also be used outside the office setting, such as in schools and universities, the presentation folder is the best accessory to have to hold all kinds of documents and basically, to organize your papers and files. They are definitely great in the office as your presentation folders can function as a filing system and easy reference that makes it easier for your organization to keep track of all your company documents and papers.

As marketing collaterals, they are more than file folders, but rather, great representatives of your business. In addition to your business card and letterhead, your presentation folder is the next best tool to have that your target clients would see first even before your message. They can be used to hold all your other marketing collaterals during your presentations, seminars, sales meetings, and conferences. They can even be the ones to carry your marketing kit whenever you go on a sales call with your target clients. As marketing tools, you can give them to prospective clients the same way you give your business cards.

And as marketing collaterals, your presentation folder printing of course would not be effective to promote your business to your target clients if they don’t work the way you intend them to. They would not even be useful to your business if they don’t get the attention of your prospects every time your folders are out there in the market. You need to therefore think about how you can make your presentation folder eye catching and presentable. There are certain considerations that you need to understand to ensure that your marketing tools make a statement that would be remembered by your prospects. Always remember to make a great impression with your folders.

As marketing tools, your folders should make an impression, first and foremost. Your folders need to be able to reflect who you are, what you can do, and what you believe in. You need to think about how you can relay the brand image you want with your marketing tools. Your image should be able to literally jump out of the page to ensure that your target clients see you.

And as far as impression goes, your folders would have to reflect your benefits that your services and products would be able to emphasize what your company values. And you’ll be able to do that with, first, your color and shape. Don’t stock with the regular off-white color or the rectangular shape that is so typical of folders. Your presentation folder printing can come in all shapes and sizes, and color. There is no rule to tell you that you should stick to the standard design of a presentation folder. You can print however you want your presentation folder printed. As long as you remember to talk to your presentation folder printer how you would want to your marketing tools to represent exactly your brand image to your target clients.

Second, think about your pockets in your folder; mostly think about what you are going to insert in your pockets. You can put inside your business card, your DVD or CD of your presentation, as well as consider how many pages of documents do you intend to include in your pocket. Just remember that whatever it is you are including in your folder should be able to fit inside properly.

Third, be sure to consider the graphic images you would include in your design. Do not make your design look too busy that your target clients would be overwhelmed they don’t understand anymore what you are trying to convey to them. Just remember to make it simple and straightforward but able to explain your message impeccably.

The bottom line to designing your presentation folder is to consider your elements according to what is appropriate to your business and purpose. Always remember to work with your presentation folder printer so you will be able to get what you expect from your print project.


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