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How to count back change

Counting change does still matter! More often than not today when entering a store, consumers are faced with electronic cash registers that tell the cashier everything they need to know. When faced with a malfunction, all too often these cashiers cannot deal with the very basics of their job... More

How to deal with an irritating co-worker

Having to go to work five or six days a week can be difficult enough, but if you have to deal with an irritating co-worker on top of that, then you could find it very hard to cope. However, there are ways that you can deal with the co-worker without having to lose your temper or do anything too... More

How to list temp jobs on a resume

Looking efficient and flexible. In today's market, often potential employers can be put off by the amount of temporary work you have done. One reason for this is that it shows little staying power. If you move from job to job, is it going to be worthwhile training you? This is a question often... More

How to join the Marines

Taking the necessary steps in joining the Marines Joining the United States Marines is a simple enough procedure in theory but there are several steps that any perspective recruit needs to take in order for the process as smooth as possible. The procedure begins before you ever step foot inside... More

How to ask for a raise

People who work hard and do a high quality job expect to be paid fairly. They anticipate periodic pay increases in addition to other types of recognition. Unfortunately, pay raises don't always come when they are expected or when employees fee they are warranted. Asking for a raise is something... More

How to Be a Tutor

Make some extra money or find a full time job as a tutor. Being a tutor allows you to earn money by sharing the expertise you already have. If you have a strong academic background in a particular subject, you can work as a private tutor or apply for a position with a school or tutoring... More

How to deal with difficult co-workers

Learn how to handle those difficult co-workers All jobs, even if you are self-employed, require some form of social interaction. Some such interactions are only temporary as in the case of the employee/customer relationship. Co-Workers, however, can end up spending a huge part of their days... More

How to add value to a client’s blog

Client Blog - Your Responsibility Blogging is not something that comes naturally to many, however, there are several ways to enhance blogs that can help drive new traffic, provide information and to add value to a blog. Freelance writers who are just getting started may not understand the many... More

How to write a resume cover letter.

The importance of a cover letter. The cover letter you send with your resume is almost as important as the resume itself. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself and show a little bit of your personality. It is also a chance to peak the recruiter's interest and so they want to learn more... More

How to list volunteer experience on a resume

Including volunteer experience on a resume is good strategy, even if you also have paid experience. The most important question to consider is whether the experience is relevant to the job being sought. Usually, an employer will be more impressed with a long term volunteer commitment. But don't... More