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How to count back change

Counting change does still matter! More often than not today when entering a store, consumers are faced with electronic cash registers that tell the cashier everything they need to know. When faced with a malfunction, all too often these cashiers cannot deal with the very basics of their job... More

How to deal with an irritating co-worker

Having to go to work five or six days a week can be difficult enough, but if you have to deal with an irritating co-worker on top of that, then you could find it very hard to cope. However, there are ways that you can deal with the co-worker without having to lose your temper or do anything too... More

How to join the Marines

Taking the necessary steps in joining the Marines Joining the United States Marines is a simple enough procedure in theory but there are several steps that any perspective recruit needs to take in order for the process as smooth as possible. The procedure begins before you ever step foot inside... More

How to ask for a raise

People who work hard and do a high quality job expect to be paid fairly. They anticipate periodic pay increases in addition to other types of recognition. Unfortunately, pay raises don't always come when they are expected or when employees fee they are warranted. Asking for a raise is something... More

How to deal with difficult co-workers

Learn how to handle those difficult co-workers All jobs, even if you are self-employed, require some form of social interaction. Some such interactions are only temporary as in the case of the employee/customer relationship. Co-Workers, however, can end up spending a huge part of their days... More

How to write a grant proposal

Grants are a good funding source The whole process of obtaining a grant may take several months of planning, research, writing and re-writing before the finished product is polished enough to send to the funding organization. Start early and work late. After choosing a... More

How to organize your work space

Organized work space is important for many reasons. The obvious reason to organize the work space is for the visual appearance. Clutter can be unsightly and is often perceived as a sign of disorganization and inability to manage your workload. Arranging the important things you need where they... More

How to get a good performance review

The best way to get a good performance review is to earn one. Never wait until the weeks just before a performance review to pay attention to your performance. It’s critical to consistently perform with integrity and high quality throughout the year. Waiting until the end of the year to... More

How to run a successful work meeting

Running an effective meeting A successful meeting is as only as good as the leader. During the course of your work life, you will attend thousands of meetings. To stand out as a productive meeting leader, you need to do more than show up. When you set a time for a... More

How to make decisions

There are many different aspects of business that require daily decision-making. Everyone in every industry and occupation must make decisions at some point. Some decisions are on a small scale, while others can have a significant impact on how a company does business and whether or not they are... More