How to get a good performance review

The best way to get a good performance review is to earn one.

Never wait until the weeks just before a performance review to pay attention to your performance. It’s critical to consistently perform with integrity and high quality throughout the year. Waiting until the end of the year to evaluate your progress against anticipated goals is not only a bad idea, it demonstrates poor performance and lack of project management skills throughout the year.

Prepare for a performance review every day by performing your very best. Remember that each day you are on the job is an opportunity to excel in your performance and demonstrate your value to the organization. This will go a long way when it is time for annual or semi-annual performance reviews.

Follow these steps to help you organize your thoughts and plans for performance reviews.


Step 1

Complete all projects and assignments timely.

Always complete projects and work assignments on schedule or ahead of time. Keep a list or log of all projects, due dates, and completion dates for easy review at year-end.

Step 2

Evaluate current work in process.

Evaluate any projects currently in process near the end of a review period, write a brief summary of progress to date and anticipated completion date. This demonstrates ability to plan and manage future deliverables.

Step 3

Always be a good team player.

Always perform as a team player. People who work closely with team members and help them succeed will also demonstrate high integrity, quality, and commitment to company goals.

Step 4

Volunteer and offer help.

Volunteer for special projects and go the extra mile when possible. If there is a looming deadline for another team member or your manager, offer to help out in any way possible throughout the year.

Step 5

Maintain complete records of feedback or recognition.

Maintain a file of any recognition, customer feedback, or other accolades you receive throughout the year. These will be useful in the year-end review.

Step 6

Evaluate performance against prescribed objectives.

Provide your manager with any documentation of actual performance against goals and objectives for the year when they are available. The best performers know how they will be measured through the year and they focus on accomplishing those objectives. This includes identification of any contributions you have made to the success of the organization such decreasing phone costs, reducing office supply inventory needs, or streamlining procedures.

You will Need
• Documentation of contributions for the year.
• Project timelines and deliverables.
• Customer, management, or colleague feedback.

Tips & Warnings
• Waiting until it’s time for the review to think about performance will result in failure.
• Think about high quality performance and integrity throughout the year.
• Never be defensive when receiving constructive criticism — have an open mind.
• Always ask how you can improve in the coming year.


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