How to write a grant proposal

Grants are a good funding source

The whole process of obtaining a grant may take several months of planning, research, writing and re-writing before the finished product is polished enough to send to the funding organization. Start early and work late.

After choosing a project, formulate and outline a plan to be put in the actual grant proposal. To find a funding source, go to the library or the internet to search for lists of organizations, foundations and governmental entities that are interested in funding project proposals. Research and choose carefully.

The guidelines outlined in the book or web site let you know how to proceed. Some require a preliminary proposal, a short, concise version of the project while others may ask that you write for their Request for Proposals (RFPs). Points to include in your short preliminary letter are: the purpose of the project, funding amount requested, brief description of the problem, concise description of the project and others who are contributing to the project

With a favorable response to your inquiry you are now ready to begin the grant writing proposal.


Step 1

Statement of need

The first section ususlly is a Statement of Need, including background, history of the area, mission of the organization, need for the project and how it will impact the area.

Step 2

Goals, objectives and project plan

The next sections include a set of clear, concise and measurable goals and objectives for the project.

You will outline the design of the project and the action plan for completing it.

The funding source will want to know about how the community plans to support this project. Will it be monetary or in-kind contributions.

A good thing to add is a timeline for the project showing when each phase is to be completed.

Step 3

Budget for the project

One of the most important parts of the grant proposal is the budget. It must be well thought-out, detailed and realistic.

Step 4

Plans for monitoring and evaluation

An essential part of a grant proposal is the way you plan to monitor the project during it’s lifetime,.

Also include in the proposal, the evaluation plan to be used at the completion of the project to determine if the goals and objectives were met.

The funding source will expect to see a plan for the future of the project. You need to tell them what, if any, are the plans to continue the project after this grant expires and what funds are to be used for the continuation.

Things Needed
✯ Guidelines for the grant proposal.
✯ Supporting documents such as Certificate of Incorporation, organization by-laws, list of board of directors and officers, staff bios.
✯ Letters of support

Tips & Warnings
✯ Do not ask for pie in the sky, be realistic.
✯ Make sure the proposal is neat, professional and well organized.
✯ Be sure to follow the RFP guidelines.
✯ Do not forget to sign the proposal.
✯ Mail or send in plenty of time for it to be received before the deadline.


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