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How to find no fee work from home jobs

Considering working from home? Don't get scammed! While the unemployment rate continues to remain at stubbornly high levels, more people are searching for additional ways to make money. Many are turning to online job searches to find more traditional brick-and-mortar jobs while others are... More

How to find freelance writing jobs online

Helpful hints for those starting out If you are considering starting a freelance writing career, you will need to take some steps that can help ensure your success. As you are preparing to start your freelancing career, make sure that you are fully prepared by having the necessary tools. A fair... More

How to find at-home freelance writing jobs

As more newspapers begin displaying content online, the market for freelance writers has changed dramatically. While there is still a need for those who write for newspapers and magazines, more often, freelance writing assignments are coming from online sources. For many freelance writers, this... More

How to be a leader in the workplace

Leaders typically begin their career progression by demonstrating their reliability, quality, commitment, and resourcefulness to an organization. As others recognize the value that you bring to an organization, they begin to see leadership qualities emerge. Being a good leader means being able to... More

How to cope with getting laid off

Losing your job can be a devastating and anxiety-provoking experience. After all, most people work because they depend on their income to pay the bills. When you learn that you are losing your job due to economic downturns, company buy-outs, lack of sales, or other reasons, the words may... More

How to work as an independent contractor

Challenges facing independent contractors Unlike telecommuting, being an independent contractor (freelancer) is fraught with pitfalls however, those who are committed to finding success can do so if they are willing to make the time commitment. Telecommuting means a steady paycheck, insurance... More

How to speak volumes with body language

Body language often speaks louder than words. People say a lot through spoken words, but they also speak volumes through body language and non-verbal communication. Posture, stance, eye movement, hand movement, and many other cues send a message all their own. Body language is an important part... More

How to find high paying freelance writing jobs

High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs - Fact or Fiction? With the number of online freelance marketplaces and the number of online writing sites, freelance writing jobs are more numerous than they have been in several years. One of the reasons that these jobs are available is because there is a... More

How to write a formal business letter

Tips for writing a block formated business letter Your letter speaks for you. It is often your first connection with another person. Your main goal is to get that person's attention. If your letter is written poorly and looks sloppy, you will not receive the attention you would like. choose your... More

How to write a novella

You can write a short novel or novella Novellas, also called short fiction, typically range somewhere between 15,000 and 50,000 words in length. You can learn to write short fiction for quality, as well as quantity, while steadily advancing your story and adding impact to your characters, plot,... More