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How to make an acting resume

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The hardest part of making an acting resume is gaining the actual experience to put on it. A working actor will have a wealth of experience across a variety of media from which to draw, and he or she can usually pick and choose the most... More

How to get physically ready for Marine Basic Training

Getting Marine Corp fit While Marine Corp. boot-camp is designed to get recruit into shape there are certain physical level-1s that must be met before a potential recruit is allowed to ship out in the first place. These level-1s may seem simple at first, but if you aren't already in the habit of... More

How to work online with no start up fees —  Legitimate and Free

Getting started - up and running If you're interested in working at home one of the things you have to be careful of is finding jobs that aren't scams. This is perhaps one of the most difficult things when you're just starting out. Too often, we fall prey to work at home scams that wind up... More

How to ask for time off work

Asking for time off from work can make many people nervous and anxious. Although they know they deserve some time off, they may hesitate to ask for it out of fear of the reaction they will receive from their boss. There are many valid reasons to ask for time off from work. A much needed vacation,... More

How to write a freelance writer’s invoice using PayPal

Payment for your work is required to stay in business Freelance writers have many things to be concerned about, but few are more important than making sure that you receive payment for your work. Freelance writers who depend on content sites like Helium need not worry about billing. Freelance... More

How to become an LPN

Becoming a licensed practical nurse If you have always wanted to become a nurse but you need to start earning money in one year instead of three or four years, then the LPN program may be right for you. LPNs study nursing at vocational schools, community colleges and at hospitals. There are many... More

How to Live on the Minimum Wage

Surviving, and more, on the minimum wage. In England, the minimum wage is a fairly new concept. Bearing that in mind, until recently many people lived on a wage that was below, what was officially classed as the poverty level. Even now, with the minimum wage up and running, many people find it... More

How to read body language in the workplace

People often say as much with their nonverbal communication as they do with the words they speak. It is difficult to disguise true emotions and feelings when communicating with other people. As hard as people may try, their mannerisms, facial expressions, eye contact, and other things say a lot... More

How to Resolve Conflict With an Angry Coworker

How to resolve conflict with an angry co-worker Workplace conflict can be very demoralising, particularly if you are in the middle of it. There are different ways that you can manage the situation. If you are just looking for a quiet life, then the temptation to ignore it and carry on as usual... More

How to organize an employee personnel file

Organizing employee files is an important component of any manager's job. When employee files are organized and well-maintained, it is much easier and more productive when it is time for employee performance reviews, salary adjustment reviews, promotions, performance feedback, and all other human... More