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How to ice down a keg of beer

Keep your beer cold and refreshing The modern beer keg is typically manufactured from aluminum or stainless steel. They provide a convenient method of storing, transporting and serving beer. Kegs of beer are often served at beer festivals, bars, parties, and celebrations. A keg provides a less... More

How to attend a beer festival

Enjoy one of the hundreds of beer festivals in the US and around the world Beer festivals take place almost every weekend somewhere in the US. Chances are, there's one happening near your town or city. Attending a beer festival is a great way for beer enthusiasts to experience their favorite... More

How to attend the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado

The largest beer festival in the United States The Great American Beer Festival started in 1982 in Boulder, Colorado with 22 breweries, 40 beers and 800 attendees. Today it is held annually in September or early October at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver, Colorado. The Great... More