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How to remember the planets in order

Tips to help your kids remember the planets in order There is something about the mystery and the vastness of the solar system that excites both children and adults alike. Logically, the very first thing all children are required to learn about the solar system is the planets and their proper... More

How to teach homeschoolers about  canyons

Teaching homeschoolers about canyons from a scaled model of the Grand Canyon In past centuries, any science lessons about canyons had to be purely speculative in nature. Theories changed from time to time but no one was able to identify any clearly provable facts. Then something happened that... More

How to read Tarot cards

You can do a Tarot card reading Reading Tarot cards has been a pastime and practice for centuries at least. The activity has been used as a casual game and as a genuine occult spiritual practice. The achetypal images on the cards have appeared in artistic symbolism for longer than they have... More

How to get free printable home school worksheets online

Introduction to free printable homeschool worksheets online. The choice to homeschool your children can be a daunting one, you must build a curriculum and buy textbooks, as well as show a way that you measure their ability to do the work you have taught them. The best way to do that is by having... More

How to find edible forest berries

Foraging for Edible Wild Berries The prospect of foraging for wild foods, especially berries, may get even the most dedicated homebody outdoors into the wild forest or feral areas surrounding surburbia. Nutritious and delicious edible wild berries are relatively easy to find. With a little... More

How to grow salt crystals

Science is fun with this project. There are many fun science experiments that teach children science does not have to be difficult to understand or boring. Growing salt crystals from simple table salt is one of those kind of projects. Another benefit of this project is that it teaches a little... More

How to teach homeschoolers about dinosaurs and their origins

Almost every child loves dinosaurs. They stir the imagination and open a door to the unknown past. You can use this love of dinosaurs to broaden their interest in all true science. Unlocking the mystery of the dinosaur can be an enlightening, educational experience that could open doors to many... More

How to Seven Steps to the Scientific Method

How to use the Seven Steps of Scientific Methods The mad scientist bends over the beakers of chemicals in his chemistry lab. He grabs one beaker in each hand and combines the ingredients. Through the belch of smoke arising from the mixture, you hear a loud explosion. As the heavy smoke begins to... More

How to grade homeschool papers and courses

How to develop your homeschool grading system Some homeschooling parents use grades to evaluate their children's progress. Some parents choose to avoid a punitive grading system. Others must, by law, provide grade records to school districts. In any case, develop a grading system that meets your... More

How to prepare for «back to school» if you homeschool

What makes the beginning of a new school year exciting for children? It's the shopping! If you home-school your children, they may feel they miss the fun of "Back-to-School". The "other kids" get to go to the store and buy new things -- backpacks, pencils, pens, notebooks, crayons -- new... More

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