How to remember the planets in order

Tips to help your kids remember the planets in order

There is something about the mystery and the vastness of the solar system that excites both children and adults alike.

Logically, the very first thing all children are required to learn about the solar system is the planets and their proper order.

Here are several tips parents and teachers can implement to help their kids remember the planets in proper order (excluding pluto — depending on whom you talk to).


Step 1

Use planetary mnemonics

Planetary mnemonics is a phrase used to remember the order of the planets. This is a great learning tool for kids.

A sample planetary mnemonics looks like this: MVEMJSUN or My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Noodles.

When broken down: M — Mercury, V — Venus, E — Earth, M — Mars, J — Jupiter, S — Saturn, U — Uranus, N — Neptune.

Step 2

Use visual stimuli

Most children learn well and commute things to memory faster by use of visual stimuli.

Here are a few examples:

  • Planetary flashcards — flashcards are great educational and memory tools for kids. Economical and easy to use; planetary flashcards can be used daily until the child has commuted the planets and their order to memory.
  • Planetary memory matching game — memory matching games do just what the name implies — boost the child’s memory. This excellent educational tool helps kids remember the planets in order. The game makes learning about the order of the planets fun and exciting.
  • Planetary wall posters — strategically placed wall posters provide kids with visual reminders of the names of the planets as well as their order on a daily basis.
  • Planetary tablemats — tablemats are excellent teaching tools for kids. They provide daily reminders at every meal time.
Step 3

Use music

Music is another amazing teaching tool. Kids tend to commute things to memory much easier when music is involved.

You can purchase songs about the planets in teaching supply stores, on-line, or visit websites such as and listen to songs about the planet free of charge.

Things Needed
• Songs about the planets.
• Planetary placemats.
• Planetary flashcards.
• A planetary mnemonic.
• Planetary puzzles.

Tips & Warnings
• Use the flashcards on a regular basis until your child has committed the planets to memory.
• Keep it light and fun!
• Keep to the basics until your child is ready to learn about the dwarf planets.


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