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How to learn barre chords on the guitar

One of the hardest aspects of learning new chords. If you look at the hand of the player in this picture, the index finger is placed in a barre chord position. This takes a lot of discipline and practice, though with a little help, you will open up the possible repertoire of music that you can... More

How to repair a broken guitar input

Repairing the jack socket on an electric guitar One of the most vulnerable parts of an electric guitar is the jack socket, or input. This usually comprises a 1/4 inch mono jack socket which is bolted to a plate on the guitar. They often work loose and sometimes the wiring can become loose and may... More

How to clean a guitar amplifier

Why clean your amplifier? Your amplifier represents a substantial investment in your music. You have got used to the tone and voice of your amp, you need to take care of it and cleaning it is just one of the things you can do to keep it in tip top condition. Cleaning it will mean that you... More

How to learn an easy guitar tune for the end of summer pool party

Learn an easy tune for a sing song Learning to play for a sing song isn't as difficult as it may sound. You don't have to be the latest Eric Clapton, as long as you can learn a few chords and put them together with your best singing voice to produce songs which others can join in with. It's easy... More

How to practice guitar

Introduction Learning the guitar takes time and patience. Many techniques and styles take years to master properly. As a guitarist it's important to give yourself the time to learn your instrument and set up practice routines. When you stick to a proper schedule you will begin to see results and... More

How to adjust the intonation on a guitar

What is intonation and why does it need to be adjusted? On most electric guitars there is an adjustable bridge that allows you to set the length of the string with extreme accuracy. This will ensure that the guitar will be in tune no matter what part of the neck you are playing on. It can make a... More

How to lower the action on an electric guitar

Adjusting the action on your guitar It is not unusual for the action to need adjusting, especially when the guitar is new or you have changed strings. If you have re-strung with a different gauge of strings it is normal for the action to need adjustment. Lowering the action is fairly... More

How to tune a guitar with a tuner

How to tune your guitar using the Zoom2 H2 Handy Portable Stereo Recorder Whether playing solo or in a group, the most essential aspect of becoming an accomplished guitarist is to properly tune your guitar. Guitar tuning can be done in different ways, and every guitarist has their own. While some... More

How to tune a six string guitar

Tuning a guitar There is nothing that sounds better that a finely tuned guitar. There are several ways to tune a guitar, some musical styles require special tuning to meet certain intervals within scales. The most general tuning of the guitar is EADGBe (6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 strings). A simple... More

How to sing karaoke songs well

Singing Karaoke Like a pro. Karaoke is a hobby loved by millions of people in the United States alone. While the word "Karaoke" has long been rumored as meaning "tone def" in Japanese, this is not the case. The word literally means "empty orchestra" referring to the lack of a lead vocal track. If... More

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