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How to Make Homemade Cough Syrup

How to Create Homemade Cough Syrup Homemade cough syrups taste pleasant and are personally crafted to foster healing. They gently soothe the membranes of sore throats to ease discomfort. Containing only natural, organic ingredients, homemade cough syrups are safer than their over-the counter... More

How to cook with burdock root

Let this strengthening root nourish you Burdock (Arctium lappa) grows wild, and is now cultivated all over the world. Herbalists know it well as a strengthening, immune-boosting tonic. Rich in vitamins and minerals, the root can be tinctured, brewed into an infusion, or eaten. The young root is... More

How to heal a bruise

How to heal a bruise using extra virgin olive oil While the versatility of extra virgin olive oil was widely known in the ancient world, many today tend to only think of olive oil as simply a cooking tool. Believe it or not, extra virgin olive oil was once highly esteemed for its medicinal... More

How to do the Bhastrika Pranayam — a deep breathing technique

The Bhastrika Pranayama The Bhastrika Pranayama is a deep breathing technique that nourishes your lungs and heart and activates the cells in these vital organs. Doing this Pranayama gives clears your breathing tract right from your nostrils through your windpipe up to your lungs. But the most... More

How to do the Bhramari Pranayam — a breathing technique

How to do the Bhramari Pranayam - a breathing technique The Bhramari Pranayama is a nasal breathing technique that nourishes your lungs and heart and activates the cells in these vital organs. This Pranayam has a soothing effect on your brain and you shall experience peace of mind after a... More

How to clear phlegm from a congested chest

Dislodging phlegm from chest Coughing due to phlegm accumulation is very irritating and one way to stop the coughing is to dislodge it from the chest area. There are many medicines available to dislodged phlegm. However, home remedies cost a lot less and it's easy to administer without the... More

How to balance your body through crystal healing

Experience the healing power of crystals Stones, called crystals, have amazing healing properties that help to ease pain without having to rely on medication. After using prescription drugs for some time, chemicals do build up in your body resulting in unwanted side effects. Agate, aquamarine and... More

How to prevent stomach bloating with natural remedies

Natural remedies for stomach bloating Many people suffer from stomach bloating after eating. It can be extremely uncomfortable, painful and can result in flatulence. Stomach bloating is caused by pockets of gas that stretch the digestive tract walls giving a blown up feeling and can extend over... More

How to make cleansing diet juices

Detox your body with fruit and vegetable juices Freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are powerful tools and are essential in any detox programme. Apart from being easy to make, especially with the aid of an electric juice extractor, juices help stimulate the whole body, from the internal... More

How to incorporate coconut oil into the diet of someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia

Coconut oil is diverse and easily incorporated into the diet By now you may have heard that coconut oil has helped to improve or heal the cognitive skills of dementia or Alzheimer's sufferers, and you have decided to give it a try. The first question you will ask is, "how do I use it?" Coconut... More

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