How to balance your body through crystal healing

Experience the healing power of crystals

Stones, called crystals, have amazing healing properties that help to ease pain without having to rely on medication. After using prescription drugs for some time, chemicals do build up in your body resulting in unwanted side effects. Agate, aquamarine and amethyst are just three examples of such crystals you can use.

Laying the crystals on specific body parts or just hovering them over the body is one way of using the crystals. You should consult with a professional or visit a person that is skilled in the use of these stones before you start trying them on your own.


Step 1

Choosing crystals

Since different crystals can be used for different types of ailments, it is important to do your research so that you have the information you need. The number of stones you use is also important — odd numbers aid in healing and even numbers help rejuvenate the body.

Step 2

Different ways to use crystals

You don’t always have to lay the crystals on the body to benefit from their healing properties. You can use them while meditating or even in your bath water. You should become knowledgable about the many ways in which you can use them.

Step 3

Color of the crystals

Just as different crystals have different healing properties, the colors of the stones are also important. If you want to be energized, the best colors are red, yellow and orange. Lavender and blue help create a sense of calm in your mind and are often used in treating depression. Crystals that are clear have wonderful cleansing properties.

Step 4

Cleaning the crystals

After each use you should clean the crystals with clear water. You should also be the only one that touches them.

Things Needed
• crystals
• understanding of the various ways to use crystals
• quiet place where you can use them and be relaxed

Tips & Warnings
• Keep your crystals in a safe place.
• Never let others handle them because they will transmit their energy to the crystals.
• Wash the crystals after each use to remove the energy.


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