How to clear phlegm from a congested chest

How to clear phlegm from a congested chest

Dislodging phlegm from chest

Coughing due to phlegm accumulation is very irritating and one way to stop the coughing is to dislodge it from the chest area. There are many medicines available to dislodged phlegm. However, home remedies cost a lot less and it’s easy to administer without the chances of side effects.

Dislodging phlegm is not a cure to flu or coughing. It is a viscous liquid secreted by the mucous membrane of mammals, which includes humans, to clean out dust, germs and small particles caused by pollution.

Viral infections will also cause phlegm. Phlegm is normally, white viscous fluid and at times it maybe yellow or green in color.

Thick phlegm is due to insufficient intake of fluids in the respiratory system caused by medication or not drinking enough water, and is thus harder to get out as compared to thinner phlegm. As such, to dislodge phlegm always get plenty of fluids into the respiratory system.

External remedy is also available to dislodge phlegm to reduce irritation and coughing.


Step 1


Peel and chop enough small onions to fill half a soup bowl.

Step 2

Hot water

Pour hot boiling water into the soup bowl.

Step 3

Eucalyptus oil

Put in about 3 drops of eucalyptus oil into the bowl. The addition of eucalyptus oil is to ease the inhalation of onion vapors, as some people may find onion vapors too «strong» for their liking.

Step 4


Cover the head with a towel and inhale deeply the vapors for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 5


Gulp down the warm milk, lie down face down, and get someone to thump the back until the person feels like throwing up.

Things Needed
• Onions
• Soup Bowl
• Boiling hot water
• Eucalyptus oil
• Bath towel
• Glass of warm milk

Tips & Warnings
• Onions could be replaced by shallots or spring onions
• Eucalyptus oil could be replaced by other oils
• Throwing up the milk after drinking is allowed as the milk may contain dislodged phlegm
• Inhale slowly as it may «burn» the nostrils


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