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How to incorporate coconut oil into the diet of someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia

Coconut oil is diverse and easily incorporated into the diet By now you may have heard that coconut oil has helped to improve or heal the cognitive skills of dementia or Alzheimer's sufferers, and you have decided to give it a try. The first question you will ask is, "how do I use it?" Coconut... More

How to brew medicinal catnip tea

Catnip is good for people, too Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a perennial mint that is beneficial to humans as well as cats. Herbalists recommend catnip for sleeplessness, menstrual cramps, and upset stomach. This herb, found in gardens and growing wild, can reach a height of 2 or 3 feet. Its downy... More

How to cure diarrhea naturally

Stop the flow When you are having a problem with diarrhea, all you want it to do is stop. If you are trying to avoid drugs and do things that are friendly to your body you are looking for a natural cure. There are some natural remedies and diet plans that can cure you of your diarrhea. More than... More

How to make an herbal tincture

For centuries, herbal tinctures have been prescribed as remedies and strengthening tonics. A tincture -- or extract -- forms as alcohol draws out the medicinal constituents of the herb. As needed, drops of tincture are added to a beverage. Tinctures can be prepared from a wide range of herbs,... More

How to make a simple herbal tincture

Make a rosemary tincture for external use Herbal tinctures have been in use for many centuries to ease aches and pains, reduce fever, control anxiety and aid in digestion, along with numerous other ailments. Tinctures are made with fresh or dried herbs and alcohol. The alcohol draws out the... More

How to make an herbal infusion

Enjoy the full benefit of medicinal herbs Herbal remedies offer nourishment as well as medicinal properties. To obtain vitamins, minerals, and healing compounds from herbs, try preparing a type of tea known as an infusion. An infusion is prepared with a greater quantity of herb, and... More

How to use home remedies for scalp psoriasis

Tips to help you deal with scalp psoriasis Psoriasis on the scalp is a very common problem and one that causes many people a lot of grief. The scalp becomes very itchy and this can be embarrassing in public if you are constantly scratching. It affects both males and females and the patches of red... More

How to cure acid reflux naturally

Natural ways of managing and curing acid reflux Acid reflux is a medical condition in which the stomach produces an overabundance of acid, resulting in heartburn. There are many causes for this condition, such as lying down immediately after consuming a large meal or the more serious cause of... More

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