How to fix a tongue thrust

Tongue Thrust

Most people are unaware as to what a tongue thrust is and unfortunately without treatment can ultimately alter the shape of your face and position of teeth.

Medical treatment such as speech therapy can rack up bills close to $800 or more, and may even require surgery to fix, and will not be covered by most insurance policies. But fortunately I have here, all the information you need to fix this on your own.


Step 1

How do you know if you have a tongue thrust?

A tongue thrust is an oral-facial falsity. It involves placing your tongue between your teeth when you pronounce an «s» or a «c». It also involves thrusting your tongue onto your teeth when you swallow, which can be devastating to someones teeth & appearance since your tongue exerts roughly 4-6 pounds of force every swallow. You might also note that if you have a tongue thrust, your teeth are not completely shut and your tongue is not resting on the roof of your mouth.

So, if you inhibit any of the traits listed above or have been told by a doctor that you have a tongue thrust, then you have a tongue thrust. But don’t fret! It is actually surprisingly easy to fix it, and your brain will recognize the correct way of swallowing and speech, and eventually adopt it with practice.

Step 2

Before we start, you need to know a few things.

Be aware that you will need to practice the following procedures listed in this guide every day. Accordingly, we will be using these procedures over the course of 4 weeks to gradually train your brain the correct way to swallow and pronounce «s» and «c», and last but not least keep your tounge in the correct position. If correctly and routinely done, you will effectively have fixed your tongue thrust.

Step 3

Know the terminology

You need to know the terminology of the procedures that we will be using below:

Bite backs:

Involves keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth while performing repetitions of clenching your teeth. Each clench of the teeth counts as 1 Bite Back.

*Keep your mouth and teeth closed while doing these!*

Tongue clicks:Tongue Clicks

Involves positioning the Popsicle stick half way into your mouth, then making a clicking noise with your tongue. Each click counts as one Tongue Click. Try to do these as fast as you can. You will notice that you will become faster as you build strength in the back of your tongue.

*You must use the popsicle stick and keep the stick far back enough that it forces your tongue to click towards the back of your mouth.*

Lip tugs:Tongue Clicks

You are going to use the button and string in this one. First get the button, and thread the string into the holes of the button. Then tie a knot on the end of the string so that the string can not be taken off the button.

For a lip tug, you will place the button in between your lip and teeth. You will then pull the button as hard as you can using the string, making sure that you do not actually pull the button out, but pulling hard enough that it ALMOST comes out. (your pulling the button away from your mouth)

*Don’t pop the button out of your mouth but keep a steady pull just strong enough so that it feels like its going to pop out. Pull the string for as long as the procedure requires.*

Tongue ups:Tongue Ups

Involves placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth where you do your tongue clicks for the said amount of time. Your going to hold it up there without your tongue dropping, for however long the procedure says. This will train your tongue to stay up where it should be.

*Keep your tongue up and keep it where you do your tongue clicks. Keep your tongue up for as long as it says in the procedures.*


Involves placing about an inch of water on your tongue using the straw. Then with your teeth open, curl your tongue with the water upwards to where you do your tongue clicks and hold for 2 counts. Then clench your teeth, swallow, and click your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Repeat this as many times as told in the procedures.

*Keep your teeth open, curl tongue up, clench teeth, swallow, and click. Repeat as many times as noted in the procedures.*

Sip & swallows:

This is just like the straws procedure, except this time you don’t use the straw. Instead you will take a very small sip of water from the cup, move the water onto your tongue, roll tongue back to the place where you do your tongue clicks, clench your teeth, and swallow, and then click your tongue. One completion of thiscounts as 1 sip or swallow.

*Just like straws, but instead of a straw you take a small sip of water. Clench your teeth and keep tongue on the roof of your mouth when you swallow*

Practice S words:

The correct way to pronounce an «s» can be achieved like this: Close your teeth together. Now Make a «teh» sound while your teeth are closed, and this will give you an example of where your tongue should be when pronouncing the «s».

In order to pronounce an «s», close your teeth and place your tongue where you do when you make a «teh» sound. Now, with your teeth closed and your tongue in position, blow air through the small crack made by your teeth, and you should get a crisp «s» sound if done correctly.

Now this is how you should always practice your «s» whenever you speak.

Things Needed
• 1 Popsicle Stick
• 1 Cup
• 1 Straw
• 1 Piece of String
• 1 Button (big enough to pull on your lips)
• Water

Tips & Warnings
• Fixing will take about 4 weeks but is almost guaranteed to fix your tongue thrust if you carefully followed the instructions


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