How to whiten your teeth at home

How to whiten teeth naturally at home

Before spending a lot of money on over the counter whitening products, check your kitchen and bathroom cabinet for some basic ingredients that will whiten teeth without harsh chemicals or endangering the protective tooth enamel.

A simple professional cleaning will remove unsightly plaque and tartar which will make teeth look brighter and whiter. It is a good idea to have a professional cleaning every three months, but most dental insurances only allow once or twice a year cleanings. Finding a dental school can assist in getting regular cleanings not paid for by insurance since they are often discounted or free.


Step 1

Baking soda

After brushing teeth with whatever toothpaste you choose, dip a wet toothbrush in baking soda and brush again. Baking soda whitens teeth, removes stains and freshens breath. As far as toothpaste is concern, if you are going the natural route, Tom’s of Maine is a good choice to consider.

Step 2

Hydrogen peroxide

Swish about 2 ounces of hydrogen peroxide before or after brushing teeth and within three or four days, your teeth will be whiter. Be careful, because with prolonged use it will also whiten gums and that is not attractive, nor desirable. Do not swallow hydrogen peroxide and rinse with water after swishing with Hydrogen peroxide.

Step 3


Use Kosher salt only. It is gentler and purer than regular table salt. Put a few grains on a wet toothbrush and gently scrub unsightly stains on the back of teeth. The salt also heals sore gums.

Step 4

Over the counter strips

Over the counter strips contain less bleach than the trays with the goopy mess. They both have chemicals (mainly bleach, which is highly toxic if swallowed) to whiten teeth. Most dentists would say that regular use of these strips and trays dissolves the protective enamel on teeth and erodes the teeth. However, using them once in a blue moon (as in once a year, actually) will spruce up the look of teeth without harming the enamel. However, a regular dental cleaning will accomplish the same thing while taking into consideration the overall health of your mouth. This includes recessed gums, tooth density/bone loss, cavities, jaw alignment issues, etc.

Things Needed
• Baking Soda
• Hydrogen Peroxide
• Kosher Salt
• Whitening strips
• A professional cleaning
• A Water Pick
• An electronic toothbrush

Tips & Warnings
• Don’t rely on too many bleach products, it can destroy/dissolve teeth.
• Get a professional cleaning to start and maintain at home with good oral hygene.
• Do not over use hydrogen peroxide, it will bleach gums as well as teeth.


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