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How to do alternate bicep curls

Similar to a straight dumbbell curl, the alternate bicep curl is a strength training exercise that focuses on your bicep muscles, but unlike the straight curl it also works your forearms. Adding the alternate bicep curl into your workout routine can provide variety and reduce the plateau or lack... More

How to do the sphinx yoga pose

Sphinx Pose is a basic back bend that helps to improve the flexibility of your spine, focusing especially on your lower back. This is an energizing pose that helps open your chest, allowing you to breathe deeply and improve your lung capacity. Focusing on proper form while performing this pose... More

How to do the cat stretch yoga pose

Cat stretch increases the flexibility of your spine and is a great pose for practicing moving with your breath. It is an easy pose for beginners, yet one that only benefits more advanced practitioners. When done properly, cat stretch should gently lengthen your entire spine. Relax your shoulders... More

How to do the child’s pose in yoga

Child's Pose is a basic seated forward bend that stretches the spine and lower back. This versatile pose works as a warm-up or post workout stretch, and it is a great counter pose after performing back bends. While holding this pose, your weight should be back toward your hips and not on your... More

How to burn calories to lose weight

Weight loss and exercise tips Mathematically, weight loss is simple. All you have to do is burn more calories than you consume. However, in the real world of hectic lifestyles, sedentary office jobs, super-size portions and constant junk food temptations, this simple equation becomes much more... More