How to clear a sinus infection

How to treat and prevent sinus infections

Sinus infections are painful and debilitating. Sinus infections can cause headaches known as migraines, but most importantly, a sinus infection can be dangerous if left untreated due to the close proximity to brain, ear canal and throat. Fortunately there are a variety of remedies available to restore sinus health and preventing recurrences. The treatments range from easy home remedies to medical solutions.


Step 1

Natural Prevention

— A saline spray to keep the sinuses moist is helpful to keep infections at bay.
— A Nettie Pot used with non-iodized salt to rinse the sinuses twice a day kills bacteria and keeps the sinuses clear and eliminates obstructions that house harmful bacteria.
— Reduce dust mites and allergens in the home by all means necessary. Replace carpeting with wood flooring, wash walls with a wet microfiber towel, replace furnace/air conditioning filters, vacuum upholstery weekly.
— Reduce pressure pain by avoiding air travel when having a cold.
— Use nasal strips to aid in breathing while sleeping.
— Open windows during the winter to allow an exchange of air flaw. Stale air can be saturated with allergens and bacteria.

Step 2

Medical Prevention and Treatment

— A specialist in ear, nose and throat (ENT) can determine if the septum is deviated and needs to be corrected surgically to allow proper breathing.
— A chronic condition requires antibiotics that can only be prescribed by a physician.
— Other types of surgical intervention can, and should, be discussed with a professional for recurrent sinus infections.

Step 3

Connecting the dots

The following areas are closely connected and can allow bacteria to travel freely from one area to another. Sinus infections can be curtailed by doing the following:

— Keep ears clean
— Keep nose and sinuses clean
— Keep oral hygiene at optimum levels.
— Gargle with mouth wash to kill bacteria past in the tongue and beyond.
— Wash hands often and avoid rubbing eyes.

— Have gums and teeth professionally cleaned, follow a maintenance regime at home.

Things Needed
• A saline irrigation system.
• Reduce allergens.
• Fresh air exchange.
• A clean environment.
• Antibiotics and medical intervention.

Tips & Warnings
• Maintain proper oral hygiene.
• Keep sinuses clean as part of daily routine.
• Do not hesitate to seek medical assistance.
• Finish the entire course of antibiotics to avoid bacterial resistance.
• Use washable mattress and bed pillow covers that inhibit bacterial growth and are inhospitable to mites and bed bugs.


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