How to get a flat stomach fast

How to get a flat stomach fast

Shape up and obtain flatter, firmer abdominals

If any of you girls are going to dare to bare your midriff this season, or you guys want to shed the tee shirt on the beach, then partake in this simple regime of abdominal maintenance first.

Apart from the appearance of nicely tone abs, abdominal strength plays an important role in core strength, lumbar spine support and good posture. Following these simple steps derived from a Pilates style regime will take little effort on your part and no special equipment is needed. The best part is you will gain results in time. With only a 10 minute daily workout, each day, your tummy will tone up in no time.


Step 1

Starting position

Lie down on the mat facing upwards with your knees bent . Ensure that your spine and pelvis are in position naturally. The natural curve of your lower back, your hip bones and pubic bone should be leveled with each other.

Step 2

Upper body position

Place your hands behind your head with the neck reamining in a neutral position and your shoulder blades firmly down on the mat in a v-shape toward your spine.

Step 3

Begin your exercise by inhaling

Gently lengthen the back of your neck as your breathe in, drawing your jaw closer to your collar bones. Fix the line of vision on your knees rather than the ceiling throughout the exercise to ensure you keep your head remains in the proper position. This helps avoid a strain to the neck.

Step 4

Now Exhale

Maintaining your neck and shoulder blade positions, exhale as your contract your pelvic floor and abs by pulling up internally and flattening your lower abdominal area. Slide your rib cage down towards your pelvis and flex your upper body off the mat.

Step 5

Inhale once again

Inhale to roll your body slowly back down to the mat.

Repeat this Pilates special 8 — 10 times. Incorporate it into your routune 3 times a week.

Step 6

Exercise is the key to great abs.

Begin now and you will be all set for bathing suit season.

Things you need

• Exercise mat
• Loose clothing
• 10 minutes
• Determination


• Add this excercise as an additive to your daily workout for the best results.
• Take a Pilates class to learn the proper techniques. The instructor can base a regime for your personal needs in a monitored environment.
• Do the exercise slow in order to achieve the proper results.


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