How to increase blood circulation

Increase your blood flow by following these easy steps

If you find that your fingers and/or toes are often small ice cubes, you may suffer from poor blood circulation.

Poor circulation is considered to be serious, as many diseases such as Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD), Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), and Peripheral Artery Occlusive Disease (PAOD) are all associated with poor circulation.

Proper blood flow is important because blood carries oxygen to all the parts of the body. The body needs oxygen for general health and fitness. It is not just limited to the basic respiratory activities; proper oxygen helps improve metabolism and mental activity as well.


Step 1

Eat healthy

Maintaining a healthy diet is beneficial to our bodies in many ways, but certain foods and nutrients have been shown to improve blood circulation. The Mayo Health Clinic recommends eating foods that contain a high amount of Omega-3 fatty acids. Good examples of such foods are herring, salmon, mackerel, soybeans, walnuts, flaxseeds and canola oil. Eating foods that are low in cholesterol can make it easier for blood to flow through veins and arteries. Raw fruits and veggies as well as foods that are low in saturated fats are also good to have on the menu.

Adding more garlic to your diet will aid in increasing your blood flow as garlic prevents plaque from building up and clogging veins and arteries. Like garlic, watermelon can also restrict plaque buildup and help blood flow smoother. Many people suffer from thick blood, which can lead to blood clots. Eating pumpkin seeds can prevent blood clots by thinning the blood. Thin blood will flow through the veins and arteries much easier. Oranges contain bioflavonoids and vitamin C, which strengthen the capillary wall, increasing blood circulation.

Step 2


Many people swear by the benefits of yoga, and in fact, yoga has been proven to rid people of certain health issues. Yoga gurus often recommend a number of various poses that not only increase your blood flow, but help you de-stress as well. A main focus of yoga is breathing techniques, and these breathing exercises purify the blood, and improve circulation.

Things Needed
• A desire to unthaw your fingers and toes

Tips & Warnings
• Poor circulation can lead to a number of serious conditions. You should talk to your doctor about your blood circulation, and any symptoms you have as quickly as possible.


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