How to meditate for beginners

Meditation for Beginners

Meditation in it’s simplest form is a quieting of the mind. This quieting of the mind has the ability to create an overall sense of centeredness. When an individual meditates their vital energy is allowed to flow freely.

To meditate is to relax, to find a space within oneself filled with peace, calmness, and tranquility. A space where there are no demands, no to-do list, a space in which to simply exist. The time and space dedicated to meditation is an opportunity to fully experience and express one’s truest self.

Though these steps suggest the most traditional pose, meditation can take a variety of forms. One can lie down, sit on the floor, in a chair, or even stand. One’s legs can be crossed or one may place their feet solidly on the floor in order to remain grounded. The one and only rule is comfort. An uncomfortable pose will simply provide distraction, preventing true meditation, or even relaxation.

Through meditation the individual experiences themselves, truly, fully, observing without altering. It makes sense then that the practice meditation is quite diverse, and can be done in a variety of locations and methods.


Step 1


The traditional pose for meditation is called lotus. In this position one sits in which the legs are crossed, resting each foot on top of the opposite thigh.

Step 2


Once you are relaxed into position begin by emptying the mind, paying attention only to the breath.

Step 3


Enjoy this solitude for as long as feels natural. For beginners a good goal is five or ten minutes. Later you may work up to an hour or more. It may be a good idea to set a gentle timer if you have a time limit, to allow a complete emptying of the mind without watching the clock.

Step 4


When you are ready to return, take a few final deep, slow breaths. Sit or lay in silence allowing yourself a few minutes to slowly transition back into awareness of your surrounds.

Things Needed
• Safe, Quiet Space
• Mat or Blanket
• Pillows or Towels (to aid in positioning)
• Timer (optional)

New Block

• The one and only rule is comfort. An uncomfortable pose will simply provide distraction, preventing true meditation, or even relaxation.
• Candles may be used for ambiance, or as a focal point.
• A gentle fragrance such as lavender may encourage relaxation.
• Remember that this is a very personal experience, there is not right or wrong way to meditate.
• Music can be very helpful, but make sure you choose a simple rhythm or nature sounds, lyrics can be too distracting.

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