How to deal with post-holiday depression

How to deal with post-holiday depression

The depression is here, now what?

Post-holiday depression happens to plenty of people world-wide. While there might be ways to prevent it, these are simply some suggestions on how to deal with them once they are here. While post-holiday depression is common, often people are reluctant to talk about it which makes dealing with it much more difficult.


Step 1

Wallow in it for awhile

If we are not familiar with unhappy, we cannot really enjoy happy. So go ahead and cry a little as the boxes get put away. Be a little sad that there will never be another holiday season just like this one. Get those negative emotions out and come face-to-face with them.

Step 2

Make some simple plans

Get out a calendar and make plans that can be accomplished alone, without any help from anyone. Here are some excellent examples. Send an email or card to a friend. Pay for the stranger behind you in the drive through. Write in a journal. Call a friend. Go for a walk. Just write one thing each day on the calendar and do it.

Finishing a planned task gives you a sense of accomplishment and helps to improve the overall mood.

Any time you take the focus off of your problems and do something nice for another, the focus can go from negative to positive.

Step 3

Play music

Music therapy is tried and trusted. Mix up the tunes and bring some variety into your musical world. Get out of your comfort zone with different kinds of music.

Science tells us that listening to music changes the brain waves. There is a physical change that comes with this. So find some music that lifts the spirits, relaxes the body or evokes some kind of emotion. All of these things will help slip away from depression.

Step 4

Enjoy some sunshine

Even if the sun just peaks out for a few minutes a day, catch some rays. If it is -30 and the sun is shining, bundle up and go out for five minutes. The body needs vitamin D and sunshine is a natural source. It boosts the mood.

Step 5

Get some exercise

Walk an extra ten minutes. Dance to some of that new music. It is a great time to begin a water aerobics class and get prepared for summer.

A healthy body helps to promote a healthy mind. A healthy mind is simply less depressed.

Step 6

Focus on the future

Yesterday and the holidays are over. New holidays are coming. Work on today and plan for tomorrow. Making plans and looking forward to activities is a positive force.

Things Needed
• calendar
• pen
• music
• computer
• attitude adjustment

Tips & Warnings
• If the depression lasts more than three weeks seek professional help.
• Know that many people are having some of the same feelings. You are not alone.
• Smile even if you don’t feel like it.


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